Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

Ep. 02_Sc. 01_01
Lexie ran up the stairs to her boss’s room concerned and pressed for time. She hadn’t heard a peep out of her all morning and didn’t hear her come back from her outing the night before. She reached Isabella’s bedroom to find a freshly made bed, but no sign of her boss.

Ep. 02_Sc. 01_02

“I’m over here, Isabella said from the terrace, not even bothering to turn around. This was the second time that Lexie had caught her out there staring off into space. Ever since they had arrived in Las Vistas Isabella had been pensive and constantly distracted, a state Lexie had never seen her in before.

Ep. 02_Sc. 01_03

“You’re up already. I was up until 4am, when did you get back?”

“About an hour ago.”

“You’re dressed already, did you get any sleep at all?”

“No. Don’t worry Lex, I’m fine.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 01_04

Finally turning around to face her assistant, Isabella tried to reassure her with a smile. “Did you get that phone number for me?” “Still working on it; I should have it later today. It’s getting late, you should probably get going. Blair is going to meet you at Mr. Carlyle’s office.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 01_05

“Thank you Lexie, I’ll see you later.” Isabella said as she exited the bedroom. “Good luck.” Lexie said smiling. “Trust me; I won’t be the one who needs it.”


Ep. 02_Sc. 02_01
Ep. 02_Sc. 02_02

“I told you that last paragraph doesn’t change anything Blake. It merely reinforces Carlyle Enterprises’ right of first refusal to any future trademarks for the club or any such merchandise, of which—at this time—you have none.” Thad’s firm grasp of legalese was way over Blake’s head, a troubling fact that he would have to rectify.

Ep. 02_Sc. 02_03

Blake considered signing the contracts just to get it over with, but he thought better of it. “That’s fine Thad, but I’m going to have Blair look over this once more.” “Suit yourself; I’m sure your sister will tell you the same thing I have. Now if that’s all, my next appointment will be here any minute.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 02_04

“Great. I’ll see you at the opening?” Blake asked, already knowing the answer. “Don’t hold your breath. I just finance this stuff; I don’t have to dance along too.” He gave a sarcastic smile and went back to his papers.

Ep. 02_Sc. 02_06
Ep. 02_Sc. 02_05

Blake took the contracts and headed out of the office. As he opened the door he ran smack into his sister Blair. “Damn it! I’m sorry B. You okay?” he said grabbing her shoulder to make sure that she was steady on her feet.

Ep. 02_Sc. 02_07

“I’m okay, but I see you’re still as clumsy as ever,” she said with a disapproving smirk.

“What are you doing here?” Blake inquired. “I’m waiting for my client; we have a meeting with Thad.” They both turned towards the elevator bank as the bell chimed and the doors open. “Here she is now. I have to go.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 02_09 Ep. 02_Sc. 02_08

Blake stood dumbfounded as the woman he had seen on the beach approached his sister. If it was possible, she was even more beautiful in the light. Once again he found himself drawn in by her eyes, almost as if they were speaking to him.

Ep. 02_Sc. 02_10Ep. 02_Sc. 02_11

She walked right past him as if she had never seen him before. Blair greeted her and pointed her in the direction of Thad’s office before she turned back to Blake. “I’ll see you later okay?” Blair said as she walked away.

Ep. 02_Sc. 02_12

You certainly will. I’ve got a lot of questions for you.”


Ep. 02_Sc. 03_01

“Ms. Monacco, it’s been such a long time. It’s good to see you after all of these years.” Thad put on his fake smile and invited the ladies to have a seat. “Now tell me, what brings you by today?”

Ep. 02_Sc. 03_02

“Frankly Thaddeus, you do. You and the way you have been handling my family’s company.” Isabella was direct. She wanted this over with as soon as possible. “It’s come to my father’s attention that you have been less than forthright in your dealings with our real estate holdings—to the tune of $50 million.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 03_03

Blair hadn’t expected her client to be so blunt. Her plan to lead Thad with a few questions, let him hang himself and then go in for the kill had been all but shot to hell. “Look Thad, I’ve been over the books several times and the numbers just don’t add up to what you have actually reported. Can you explain these discrepancies?”

Ep. 02_Sc. 03_04

"Sure I can, why don’t you and I set up a meeting to discuss this privately. I’m sure Ms. Monacco has better things to do with her time than listen to us chat about this small business matter.” Thad’s mouth drew even tight as he tried to keep his composure.

Ep. 02_Sc. 03_05

“If I had better things to do, I assure you I wouldn’t be here talking to you,” Isabella said, her tone bordering on anger. “I’m not some debutant putting on a pretty face for daddy’s company. I’m on the board at M.S.I., or was that lost on you somehow?”

Ep. 02_Sc. 03_06

Trying to keep things from escalating Blair jumped in. “Look, Thad, all you have to do is….”
“I know what I have to do Blair, thank you,” he said, interrupting her.

Ep. 02_Sc. 03_07

“I know when my balls are being handed to me and I can’t say that I appreciate it. I’ve taken care of this company for years. Maybe the fact that I have increased the capital of Monacco International’s domestic division by three fold has been lost on you Ms. Monacco.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 03_08

“Not at all, neither has the fact that a large portion of that revenue is unaccounted for, Mr. Carlyle.” Thad’s patience had run out. He resented being questioned by anyone, especially a spoiled princess masquerading as a business executive.

Ep. 02_Sc. 03_09

“Does your father know what you are doing here? Does he realize that the prospects of his company are being compromised by you coming here and questioning me; insinuating that I’m so sort of an embezzler?"

Ep. 02_Sc. 03_10

“What did you think he sent me here for? Of course he knows. He knows exactly what you’ve been doing and it’s over Thad. As of right now your services as a steward to our company are no longer needed.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 03_11

“You can’t do that. I have a contractual agreement with your father, not you.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 03_12

“Yes, and I have his proxy,” she said. “Don’t worry about your contract, we’ll gladly pay out the balance—and—as an added favor I won’t go to the trades with any this. Don’t bother to thank me.” With that she rose from her seat and headed out of the office.

Ep. 02_Sc. 03_13

Stunned into silence, Thad sat staring at her as she left. “I’ll send over the contract termination letter later today,” Blair said as she stood to leave. “Have a good day Thad.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 03_14

“This is not the end of this Blair. You tell your client that this is not over by a long shot!”

Ep. 02_Sc. 03_15

Thank God that’s over, Isabella thought to herself as she walked out of the Carlyle building. She had carried out her father’s assignment as directed and wanted nothing more than to hop on a plane and go back home, but that wouldn’t be possible just yet.

Ep. 02_Sc. 03_16

After debating it over and over in her head the night before, she realized that she couldn’t leave without seeing the one person she knew would actually be happy to see her. And of course there was the other matter of visiting her mother's grave for the first time in over a decade. Feeling drained form her encounter with Thad she decided to start with the easier of her two loose ends.

Ep. 02_Sc. 03_17

She made a call to Lexie. “Hi Lex, did you get that number?” “Yes, her last name is Gutierrez now, which is why it took so long. I’ll give it to you now.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 03_18

She hung up with Lexie and dialed the number. “Hi Eden, it’s Isabella Monacco. How are you?”

Ep. 02_Sc. 03_19


Ep. 02_Sc. 04_01

An hour had passed since Sienna had called him crying hysterically, and she still hadn’t arrived at the studio. The crew had almost finished setting up for the next shoot and as much as Gunther wanted to be her shoulder to cry on, he was reluctant to risk his job to be a VIP at her pity party.

Ep. 02_Sc. 04_02

He had finally landed a job at Couture Magazine after years of struggling as a tabloid photog and gained the confidence of the editor to shoot the cover. Working with Nicolette Chase, the hottest “it girl” in years was an added bonus.

Ep. 02_Sc. 04_03

Just as he began dialing her number again she sauntered through the door looking harried and disheveled. “Where the hell have you been? We’re about to start the next set up,” he said, his irritation with her apparent. But Gunther’s frown quickly turned into a satisfied smile as she grabbed him and pulled him into a tight hug.

Ep. 02_Sc. 04_04
Ep. 02_Sc. 04_05

He returned her embrace as she sobbed into his chest. He stroked her hair and gently kissed the top of her head. After years of friendship with her, he knew the drill. Whatever her issue was it inevitably had to do with Thad, some guy, and her unwillingness to grow the hell up and be responsible for herself. Still, he took the bait. “What’s the matter now?”

Ep. 02_Sc. 04_06

“Thad threatened to kick me out again,” she said between sniffs. “I brought Mateo over last night and he jumped down my throat about it. I haven’t done anything to him. Why is he being such an asshole?!”

Ep. 02_Sc. 04_07

“You and Thad do this dance all the time and has he ever made good on his threats? No.” “ You don’t understand Gunther. He was so nasty about it. The things he said to me…. I’ve never seen him like that before.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 04_08

Don’t worry about it, just steer clear of him for a while; I’m sure it will blow over.”
Taking an opportunity to further his own cause he threw her a life line. “Look, you can stay with me for a while if you want.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 04_09

“No thanks, I’ve been crashing at Mateo’s, I’ll be fine there. “Cool,” Gunther said trying his best to hide his disappointment at being shot down.

Ep. 02_Sc. 04_10

She wiped at her tear stained face, trying not to make an even bigger mess of her make-up. “Don’t bother with that, you look beautiful already,” he said gazing at her.

Ep. 02_Sc. 04_11

“I look like a drowned raccoon and you know it.” She smiled, grateful for the compliment. “I don’t know why you put up with me. If I were you I would run away screaming a long time ago.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 04_12

“You know I love you, I couldn’t run if I tried.” Those words, sincere and meaningful to him always seemed to be lost on her. “I love you too,” she said casually.

Ep. 02_Sc. 04_13

She glanced at her cell phone to check the time. “Look, I’m late for lunch with Mateo; I’ll call you later,” she said reaching out for another hug, which he freely gave. As he watched her walk away he was hit with the same feeling that he always got when she left him – longing desire mixed with silent frustration.

Ep. 02_Sc. 04_14
Ep. 02_Sc. 04_15

He was in love with a woman who didn’t remotely share his feelings. He was her friend and nothing more—a fate worse than death for him. Content to live yet another day in the shadow of her latest suitor he sucked up his feelings and got back to work.

Ep. 02_Sc. 04_16

Hiding behind her newspaper, Sloane Stevens patiently waited until the sound of high heels clicking down the hall grew distant and finally faded away completely. Sienna Carlyle was the absolute last person she wanted to run into. Being her publicist had been an absolute nightmare—the internet porn scandal being the last straw for her.

Ep. 02_Sc. 04_17

She had overheard her conversation with the photographer and just about choked trying not to laugh out loud. “That delusional bitch,” she said to herself.

Ep. 02_Sc. 04_18

She turned her attention back to the entertainment section looking to see if her last press release on Nicolette had been able to create any meaningful buzz. She was shocked to find little more than a blurb about her scheduled attendance at the Oasis Club opening the next day.

Ep. 02_Sc. 04_19

Disappointed at the lack of press on her client, she continued absently flipping through the paper, killing time while she waited for Nicolette to finish the shoot. She nearly bit her tongue when she saw the picture on the front of the business section and the accompanying headline underneath: Monacco Princess Lands in Las Vistas.

Ep. 02_Sc. 04_20

“What the hell is that bitch doing back here?”

Ep. 02_Sc. 04_21


Ep. 02_Sc. 05_01

Eden was the only person Isabella had wanted to see upon her return. They had been close friends as teens and to her delight their phone conversation proved that time and distance had done little to change that bond.

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_02

Since she wouldn’t be able to leave until the next day, Isabella decided to take some time and reconnect with her friend. She accepted Eden’s offer to cook dinner for her and the two had spent the better part of the afternoon, reminiscing and catching up.

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_03

“God it’s good to see you Issy. I didn’t realize how much I missed you until now. I wish we hadn’t lost so much time.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_04

“I know, things just…everything was so complicated then.” Isabella said a melancholy tone to her voice.

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_05

“I just wish that I could have been there for you, that’s all.” Eden replied, trying to reassure her friend that she held nothing against her.

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_06

“I don’t know what anyone could have done for me anyway. There’s nothing to do when someone you love dies?” Isabella rarely spoke about her mother, but with Eden it seemed okay for the first time in a long time.

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_07

“I don’t think ripping someone away from everything they know was the right move,” Eden said, tempted to bite her tongue after the words came out of her mouth. But she went on. “I know he’s your father but that was the worst thing he could’ve done to you. He left you with no one.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_08

“No one but him, which is what he wanted I think. He said he was trying to protect me more than anything; from the rumors and the press. But I really just think he wanted to run away from all of it.” Isabella’s rationalization of her father’s actions was rubbing Eden the wrong way.

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_09

“You can’t defend him forever Issy. Sooner or later you’re going to have to deal with what he did to you….to your mother.” Eden knew she was stepping out of line but refused to let it go. “Besides, you had people here who could have helped you through it; people who loved you.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_10

Isabella shifted uncomfortably realizing where Eden was headed. “Can we talk about something else….please?” she said with a pleading look on her face.

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_11

“Have you seen Nico yet?” Eden said ignoring her request. Isabella looked away trying in vein to hide the emotions that his name stirred up inside of her. “No and I’m not going to. I doubt he would want to see me anyway.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_12

“I don’t know Issy. I can’t speak for him now, but back then he was pretty torn up about you leaving. He asked me everyday for months if I had heard from you or if you said anything about him before you left. He was so in love with you then, maybe some of that is still there.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_13

“You’re right, he loved me then,” she put strong emphasis on the last word. “I highly doubt he does now, especially after the way I left. It was a teenage crush a million years ago. I’m sure he’s let it go by now. I have.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_14

“Have you?” Eden said, a disbelieving smirk crossing her face. Before she could go any further the front door opened and her husband walked in with their daughter in toe.

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_15

Eden rose to greet them. “Issy, this is my husband Cyrus and this Zoe.” Isabella immediately recognized him as a player for the Las Vistas Longhorns, a tidbit that Eden conveniently failed to mention. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Cyrus shook her hand as he held ZoĆ« in the other. The little girl had her father’s complexion and his eyes, but her smile was all Eden.

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_16

“Good to meet you too Cyrus.” Isabella smiled as he released her hand. His attractiveness was certainly not lost on her, but at the same time, she was picking up on a vibe from him that she couldn’t immediately distinguish. Shrugging it off, she turned her attention to the smiling toddler in his arms.

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_17

“You are such a little cutie.” Isabella smiled as the child hid her face and then peaked at her shyly. “She’s beautiful Eden.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_18

“Thank you, but she’s just putting on a show for company. Give her an hour and she’ll have you tearing your hair out in frustration. She’s so stubborn. Just like her daddy.” Eden smiled at the smirk that had crossed Cyrus’ face in response to her comment.

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_19

“No, that she gets from her mother. Here, take your little shadow while I take a shower.” Cyrus handed her to Eden and excused himself. “I’ll be right back. Someone needs a diaper change.” Eden said as she disappeared into the nursery leaving Isabella alone in the living room.

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_20

Isabella sat down suddenly overcome with emotion that she thought she had put behind her. In her head she knew that the possibility of Nico still harboring feelings for her was slim to none given the stubborn pride that he had always exhibited. But her heart… her heart had been quietly holding out hope. Hope that until her return she had successfully ignored.

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_21

Suddenly the front door opened again and a man’s voice filled the foyer, a voice that Isabella knew all too well. Eden you didn’t, Isabella thought to herself as the voice drew closer to the living room. She quickly scanned the room for somewhere to hide, but came up empty.

Ep. 02_Sc. 05_22
Ep. 02_Sc. 05_23

“Eden I’m here. What was so important that I had to……..Isabella? What are you doing here?” the man said. Isabella took a deep breath, stood up from the couch and faced him. “Hi. It’s been a long time.”


Ep. 02_Sc. 06_01

“The new stipulation sounds fine to me Blake,” Blair said as she took a swig of beer. “I do understand your concern though, given that you’re dealing with Thad Carlyle, but I doubt he would screw his brother over just to screw you.”
Ep. 02_Sc. 06_02

“You don’t know Thad, do you? He’d screw his own mother if he thought it would get him what he wanted.” Blake stood behind the bar taking inventory, yet another chore to get done before the club opening.

Ep. 02_Sc. 06_03
“He doesn’t always get what he wants; at least he didn’t today,” she said with a smirk. “What does that mean?” “It means that he got his ‘balls handed to him’ in that meeting,”
Ep. 02_Sc. 06_04

“How’s that?” Blake asked, subtly trying to steer the conversation to the woman he had seen at the beach. “Let’s just say that my client takes her business very seriously.”
Ep. 02_Sc. 06_05
“You mean the woman you were talking to when I left? Who is she?” Blake asked trying not be obvious. “Why do you want to know?” she said with a smile, fully aware of her brother’s motives.
Ep. 02_Sc. 06_06
“I ran into her at the beach last night and I didn’t get her name, so I was just curious.” “You saw her at the beach?” Blair said incredulously. “Yeah, so what?” “Was anyone else with you, did anyone else see her?”
Ep. 02_Sc. 06_07

“I don’t think so, the only other person who could’ve seen her was Nicolette, but I don’t think she did.” Blake was curious about his sister’s concern. “What’s the big deal?”
Ep. 02_Sc. 06_08

“The big deal is that no one is supposed to know she’s here. If this gets leaked to the press, this whole thing could go up in smoke. Blair finished her drink moved from the bar stool towards the door.
Ep. 02_Sc. 06_09
“Blair, what the hell is going on?” “I can’t talk now Blake, I’ll call you tomorrow,” she said as she walked out of the club in a hurry.
Ep. 02_Sc. 06_10

“Wait, just tell me her name!” Blake shouted after her, but she didn’t respond.


Ep. 02_Sc. 07_01
Ep. 02_Sc. 07_02
Isabella stood speechless as Reese Prescott reached out to give her a hug. Her body finally catching up with her thoughts she returned his embrace and shot Eden a furious glare over his shoulder. “I didn’t realize that you would be here," Isabella said trying to sound casual. “My brother comes over for dinner every week. Sorry, I thought I mentioned it, “Eden replied trying hard not to laugh. ‘You didn’t," Isabella replied curtly.
Ep. 02_Sc. 07_03
“No? Well, anyway, I’m going to put Zoe down for a nap and finish dinner. Why don't the two of you go out on the patio and catch up. Maybe Reese can help you with that suspicious car thing you were telling me about earlier, he’s a cop you know.” Before either of them could protest, she turned around and hustled into the nursery.
Ep. 02_Sc. 07_04
“Suspicious car? What’s that about?” Reese asked jumping into detective mode. “I don’t think, it’s anything to worry about, I saw a car parked across from my house last night. The lights were out and as soon as I looked over at it the person drove away.”
Ep. 02_Sc. 07_05
“You’re still in Vista Hills right? That neighborhood is gated.” “I told security, but then I saw the car again today while I was downtown. Probably just paparazzi”
Ep. 02_Sc. 07_06
“Did you get a make and model, a tag number?” Reese asked, his concern rising. “It’s an old car, 1970’s, it’s bright orange, I couldn’t see the tag,” she replied. A knowing look crossed Reese’s face. “Did you see the driver?” “No.”
Ep. 02_Sc. 07_07
“I can get a cruiser to patrol the neighborhood if you want.” “Thank you, I’d appreciate that. You’re still one of the good guys aren’t you, even after everything.” Isabella smiled at him.
Ep. 02_Sc. 07_08
“Issy that was years ago; we were kids. It’s all water under the bridge," he said trying to cut off the conversation she was leading them into. Ignoring his hints she continued. “I mean it Reese. I never apologized to you for what happened. I know that you had real feelings for me and I know that I hurt you when I chose Nico….I’m sorry for that, I’ve always been sorry. You didn’t deserve it.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 07_10
Reese gave her a sheepish smile in return. “Like I said, we were all kids, it’s in the past. I’m just glad to see you now. You look great. How have you been?”
Ep. 02_Sc. 07_11
As he and Isabella talked his mind took him back to the time when she was all he cared about—all he wanted. He was completely in love with her, but her feelings hadn’t been as strong for him. Listening to her explain how things had been for her since she left and now that she had returned he began to realize that her life was and had always been more complicated than he would ever have been able to handle.
Ep. 02_Sc. 07_12
Thoughts of what could have been had stayed with him for years, but the reality of the present moment hit him like a ton of bricks. They would have never been happy together. Everything that had happened had been for the best.
Ep. 02_Sc. 07_13
“So how long are you here for?” “Just a few days. I’m glad we got to see each other. Even though I could kill your sister for setting us up like this.”
Ep. 02_Sc. 07_14
“Sorry,” Eden said, emerging from the living room where she had been eavesdropping. “But I knew that you two wouldn’t have agreed if I’d asked. “Anyway, dinner’s ready, lets eat.”


Ep. 02_Sc. 08_01

This is going to be interesting, Reese thought to himself as he pulled up to the bar. From Isabella’s description he had more than a good idea of who the mystery driver was and he knew he would find him there.
Ep. 02_Sc. 08_02

Walking through the door he flashed his badge at the bouncer and scanned the place for his target. True to form he was sitting in his usual spot at the bar. Wasting no time he started for him, intent on getting answers.

Ep. 02_Sc. 08_03
Nico had been at the bar for the better part of an hour knocking down shot after shot, trying in vein to clear his mind of all things Isabella. Seeing her the night before had shaken him in ways that he wasn’t yet ready to admit to himself. And although he had vowed to leave her be he found himself drawn to follow her downtown earlier that day. Watching her had become a habit that was beginning to border on something more serious.
Ep. 02_Sc. 08_04
As the bartender set his next shot in front of him Reese plopped down on the stool beside him. “What the hell are you doing here?” Nico said as he threw back the shot.
Ep. 02_Sc. 08_05
“Me? I’m just having a drink," Reese replied, a slight smile crossed his face as he picked up on Nico’s irritation. “Gin and tonic on the rocks,” he said to the bartender, who immediately looked at Nico as if waiting for approval. Nico nodded his head affirmatively and the bartender went to work making the drink.
Ep. 02_Sc. 08_06
“I thought your kind wasn’t supposed to drink on the job," Nico said, cutting his eyes at Reese.

“My kind?”

“Yeah, your kind….cops. The kind that aren’t welcome here.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 08_07
“Why, you got something going on I should know about?” “Wouldn’t tell you if I did Boy Scout. Hit me again,” he said to the bartender. “Looks like you’ve been hitting it pretty hard there, something on your mind?” From the condition Nico was in Reese had a good idea what that something was.
Ep. 02_Sc. 08_8.1
“Do yourself a favor and go play cops and robbers with someone else.” Nico’s patience was beginning to ware.
Ep. 02_Sc. 08_08

“Relax, buddy, I didn’t come here to hassle you. I actually have some business that you might be able to help me with. “

Ep. 02_Sc. 08_09
“I haven’t been your buddy for a long damn time so helping you isn’t going to happen.” The bartender poured another shot that Nico sucked down immediately. “Keep’em coming," he told her.
Ep. 02_Sc. 08_10

Ignoring Nico’s last statement, Reese continued talking. “An old friend of mine is back in town and she’s having problems with a stalker. Some crazy keeps parking outside of her house, following her around in his car, you know, keeping tabs on her.” Reese paused for a reaction from Nico.

Ep. 02_Sc. 08_11
“Why the hell would I know anything about that?”
Ep. 02_Sc. 08_12
“Well, she said that the car was an old 1970’s model, bright orange. An old muscle car. You fix those up at your garage so I thought maybe you might know someone who had one like that.” The bartender finally gave Reese his drink and he took a swig.
Ep. 02_Sc. 08_13
“Nope." Nico replied taking down another shot. “Sounds like your friend has a real problem," Nico said refusing to bite on the hook that Reese was lying out for him.
Ep. 02_Sc. 08_14
“Yeah, she’s in a tough spot and asked me to look into it for her.” Reese took another sip of his drink. “Aren’t you a hero,” Nico scoffed. “Well, when a friend is in need, I can’t help but be there for them…in every way they need me.” Reese’s insinuation was deliberate. He got pleasure out of getting under Nico’s skin.
Ep. 02_Sc. 08_15

“Yeah, as I recall you were always good at just being a friend. Nothing less and certainly nothing more. No hassles, no need to worry about getting too close, too intimate, no added benefits. Just friends; a real hands off job.” Nico cracked a sly smile at his backhanded compliment.

Ep. 02_Sc. 08_16

“Being just a friend is a great place to start, especially with an old friend. Time passes, things change; it’s a good way to start a whole new level of friendship. You can become a closer friend, a special friend, if you know what I mean.”

Ep. 02_Sc. 08_17
Nico nodded to the bartender to give him another shot. He was already on edge and Reese’s needling wasn’t helping. Even though he knew it was nothing but hot air on Reese’s part, he was surprised at how much the insinuations bothered him. The bad blood between them where Isabella was concerned still lingered.
Ep. 02_Sc. 08_18
“Well good luck becoming a special friend. Maybe you’ll have a better shot this time, but I doubt it.”
Ep. 02_Sc. 08_19
“I guess I’ll just have to try my hand, won’t I.” With that, Reese took a final sip, paid for his drink and rose to leave. “Look, my uhhh, friend, is getting freaked out about this whole thing, so if you do know who’s tailing her you should tell them to knock it off…okay?”
Ep. 02_Sc. 08_20
“Like I said before, I can’t help you. Now get the hell out of here Reese. Your little friend doesn’t have anything to do with me.”


Ep. 02_Sc. 09_01

Mentally drained and physically stiff from the stress she had been under, Isabella arrived home; her only desire to take a long hot bath and crawl into bed. But no sooner did she walk through the door than her cell phone began to ring.
Ep. 02_Sc. 09_02
“Hi Blair. Look I wanted to apologize for taking over in the meeting this morning. I should have let you handle it, but that asshole got under my skin.”
“Don’t worry about it, we another issue to deal with. Have you looked at the paper today?”
“No. Why?”
Ep. 02_Sc. 09_03
“There’s a story about you in the business section. It’s toting you as a corporate debutante desperate to revive M.S.I; it makes you look like your father’s puppet or something. I ‘m concerned that this could have the exact effect we didn’t want if we don’t act now.”
Ep. 02_Sc. 09_04
“How the hell did anyone find out I was here? This is just the start of it….I know it. Blair, I’ve got to get out of here before things get worse. Call my father and tell him that we have to pull out of this…now.”
Ep. 02_Sc. 09_05
“I’ve already spoken to him and he wants to continue with the plan, but he wants you to head it up.” Blair paused for the storm she knew was coming.
Ep. 02_Sc. 09_06
“What?! I was only here on a formality. He wanted this piece handled by family. That’s the only reason I agreed to it. If I had known that I would have to stay for the rest I never would have said yes. Why can’t someone else do this?”
Ep. 02_Sc. 09_07
“I’m telling you what he told me. He doesn’t want anyone else…he wants you. That he made very clear. I think that if we play this right that story will fade into the background and the deals that need to be made will come through.”
Ep. 02_Sc. 09_08
It’s not that story I’m concerned about, Isabella thought to herself. “I’m glad you’re confident about this Blair, because I’m not. I’ll talk to you later.”
Ep. 02_Sc. 09_09
Ep. 02_Sc. 09_10
She hung up the phone and headed out the side door to the pool. She stared down at the twinkling reflections of the lights hitting the rippling water. How had she let this happen? All of the fears that had filled her with apprehension about returning this place were beginning to materialize.
Ep. 02_Sc. 09_11
The article in the paper was only the start of the vicious rumors and speculation she knew was coming. As progressive as it was Las Vistas was still a small town and people hadn’t forgotten about the past anymore than she had. She could see the trouble she had feared churning out in the distance like a storm coming in from the ocean. Unfortunately for her there wouldn’t be any place to take cover.


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