Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Breaking Point

Fischer Residence - Willow Peak Rd., Sierra Springs

Ep. 07_Sc. 01_01
Ep. 07_Sc. 01_02

Moving slowly from the couch Ivy shielded her face from the blaring sunlight coming through the window and took slow, tentative steps as her wobbly legs threatened to abandon balance. She reached the comforting dark of the small powder room and stood at the sink, leaning on it for support, before turning on the light and letting her eyes slowly adjust. She blinked a few times to get her focus doing her best to ignore the throbbing ache attacking her skull.

Ep. 07_Sc. 01_03

Her vision finally returning to normal she looked into the mirror and cringed. Facing her ragged appearance was just as uncomfortable as the bright light. She turned on the cold water full blast and splashed a few handfuls on her face freeing it of the dried smudges of mascara and eye shadow. She looked into the mirror again barely satisfied with the slight improvement, patted her face dry and trudged back into the living room.

Ep. 07_Sc. 01_04

She made her way over to the phone. No red flickering light; no missed messages. She picked up the phone and dialed but quickly slammed it down as the familiar computerized voice that had greeted her countless times before confirmed what she already knew. For whatever reason, as had been the case the night before, Nico wasn't available to take her call, and those silent hours had allowed her mind to become polluted with a number of terrifying reasons why.

Ep. 07_Sc. 01_05

It wasn't the first night that she had anxiously waited up for him nursing her fears with a myriad of mind numbing liqueurs; nor was it the first time that he had blown up at her for asking a simple question regarding his whereabouts. But something in his voice had been different. She wasn't nagging or simply interrupting him in the middle of a business deal. Something was very wrong and in his world being wrong about anything could easily mean being dead.

Ep. 07_Sc. 01_06
Ep. 07_Sc. 01_07

Her last thought sent a jolt of fear through her body and she returned to her collection of bottles and poured herself another drink. Suddenly catching a flash of movement from outside, she went to the window to see Nico pulling up to the house. “It’s about damn time,” she said to herself; a feeling of relief mixed with annoyance only adding to her muddled state of mind.


Ep. 07_Sc. 02_01

For the second time in 24 hours Nico pulled up to a woman’s house not knowing what he was walking into, but this time he knew exactly how things were going to end. He hopped out of the car and pulled his keys out of his pocket, absently jingling them as he approached the house he was renting for Ivy. Before he could get to the door to use them, it opened revealing a very tight and angry face behind it.

Ep. 07_Sc. 02_02

“Glad to see you’re alive Nico. What the hell happened to you last night?” Ivy shouted as he brushed past her causing her to lose her balance momentarily. Inside the sharp smell of cheap liquor revealed itself before he even saw the empty bottles of beer in a small puddle of the poison.

Ep. 07_Sc. 02_03

“I told you not to wait up Ivy I had business to take care of. But I see you had Mr. Smirnoff to keep you company again.” Nico stepped carefully over the glass and a few other items that had been strewn across the floor; no doubt a result of one of her temper tantrums.

Ep. 07_Sc. 02_04

“What the hell else was I supposed to do? You never called me back; your phone kept going straight to voicemail; Rook didn’t even know where you were. I thought you were dead Nico!” He stood staring at her, tears on the cusp of her eyelids, and, aside from pity, felt nothing; a sharp contrast to the past few hours he had spent with Isabella. He could almost see the anger rising off of her like smoke from a fire.

Ep. 07_Sc. 02_05

She had never been more to him than a warm body and a guaranteed alibi. And while he had always kept her at arms length, he knew very well that she was in love with him. Sadly, if the situation had been reversed and she had been out all night without a word, he wouldn’t have given her well being a second thought.

Ep. 07_Sc. 02_06

“I’m not dead, okay, and neither are you, so obviously not hearing back from me didn’t kill you. You knew exactly what my life was when you met me and this is a part of it. If you don’t like it you can walk the hell away; trust me, I won’t stop you.” While true, he hadn’t meant for his last comment to be quite so harsh.

Ep. 07_Sc. 02_07

“Oh you’re always using your business as a reason why you’re such an asshole to me. You’re not the only one who suffers for your life Nico. I cover for you when the police ask questions, I hold your stash when things get hot, I worry about you when no one else does, and I don’t get a damn thing for it. Not one damn thing.”

Ep. 07_Sc. 02_08

As justified as she was and as guilty as he felt about it, Nico ignored it all and decided to take the out that Ivy had unwittingly given him. He would end things right now and since she was the one who picked this fight he would make it all her fault. It was callous but it seemed a far better choice than telling her the truth. His heart belonged to someone else; he didn’t love her and he never would.

Ep. 07_Sc. 02_09

He squinted his eyes, bared his teeth and bit hard. “Well you don’t have to worry about getting anything from me anymore. Not this house, not the money, not the booze. Nothing! I’m so sick of going through this shit with you Ivy. I’m getting my stuff out of the safe and then I’m gone.” He turned his back on her and headed up the stairs to her bedroom.

Ep. 07_Sc. 02_10

Livid and panic stricken, Ivy ran behind him. Nico had threatened to leave her many times over the years, but never once had he acted on it. “Fine, you want to walk out and leave me with nothing go ahead. It’s just like to run when things get hard or when someone dares to call you out on your bullshit. You’re such a fucking coward.”

Ep. 07_Sc. 02_11

Her words, barbed and cutting, crawled under his skin and burned like acid. Coward? No one got away with calling him that. Still he ignored her as he entered the combination to the safe, opened it and began stuffing its contents into his pockets. When he had collected his stash he slammed the safe closed and charged towards her grabbing arm as if he intended to rip it from her body. She writhed in pain at the severity of his grip. “Don’t you ever say that to me again. Do you understand me? Not ever again!

Ep. 07_Sc. 02_12

She understood and nodded her head vigorously trying to convince him to release her; but her understanding was about to go far deeper than his frightening rage. He had gotten angry before, they had had their fights, but this was drastically different. He released her arm and as he slid through the doorway, brushing up against her small frame again, a whiff of what that difference was slapped her in the face. Sweet and musky women’s perfume.
Ep. 07_Sc. 02_13

Her heart caught in her throat as the realization penetrated. He had been doing something last night but it certainly wasn’t business. He had been with another woman and not just for a quick roll in the sheets. Whoever she was, he had been with her all night long; a privilege that she had never been granted. There was a new player in this game and she had just been unceremoniously benched.

Ep. 07_Sc. 02_14
Ep. 07_Sc. 02_15

Swallowing hard, fighting back the urge to throw up, she pushed herself off of the wall she had been leaning on and ran down the hall to see him bounding down the stairs headed for the door. A million mean and nasty words swam through her mind. Words to get him to stay, words that might incite a more violent reaction, words to make him hurt the way she was. But when she opened her mouth to say them nothing came out. Instead she stood shell shocked as he spoke again.

Ep. 07_Sc. 02_16
Ep. 07_Sc. 02_17

“I’m breaking the lease at the end of the month so I suggest you find someplace else to live before then. With that he walked out slamming the door behind him. Alone and defeated she fell into a crumpled in a heap at the top of the stairs and sobbed as she listened to the roar of his engine as he sped away. “Fuck you Nico! Fuck both of you,” she shouted to the emptiness around her.


Carlyle Beach House - Azura Beach, North Strip

Ep. 07_Sc. 03_01

Thad leaned back in his seat trying to subdue the wide smile that had been spread across his face for the past few hours. He had enjoyed reading the expose on Isabella on the plane ride home and ever since then the wheels in his head had been turning about how he would restructure the Monacco company when she finally caved in and begged him to oversee things again. After this scandal she would have no choice but to come crawling back and he was going to make sure he enjoyed every minute of her groveling.

Ep. 07_Sc. 03_02

He had hit the ground running and already placed a few calls to perspective investors as well as associates who might be interested in buying the useless subdivisions that Carlos Monacco had forced him to hold onto. I’m going to be in the drivers seat this time and daddy’s little princess is just going to have to deal with it, he thought to himself.

Ep. 07_Sc. 03_03

As the driver pulled up to the house, two police officers waited to greet him. His anxiety rising, Thad hopped out of the limo to approach them. The rhythmic thud of muffled music filled the air as he shouted to find out what the problem was. “I think you can hear the problem Mr. Carlyle,” one of the officers shouted right back at him. “We’ve gotten several complaints about the noise coming from your home.”

Ep. 07_Sc. 03_04

“That’s coming from my house? You must be mistaken,” Thad yelled. “I count about thirty half naked people in your backyard that might say different. I don’t want to have to issue a citation but this is the second time in two days we’ve had to come over here.”

Ep. 07_Sc. 03_05

“That’s impossible. I’ve been out of town on a business trip, no one’s been here but…that little bitch!!” Without another word Thad brushed past the officers and into the house. Stepping over plastic cups, puddles of spilled beer, lost articles of clothing and the random drunk partygoer, he made his way to the terrace to see a throng of bikini clad women and ogling men talking and dancing to the loud music emanating from enormous speakers at either end of the main deck. Standing right in the middle of it all laughing and guzzling champagne was Sienna.

Ep. 07_Sc. 03_06

Thad ran to one of the speakers and disconnected the wad of cords hidden behind it, immediately cutting off the music and bringing everyone to a halt. “This party is officially over. You all have exactly two minutes to get the fuck off my property or I’m pressing charges. “Alright you heard the man everybody file out in an orderly fashion,” one of the officers said as the other began motioning everyone to the door.

Ep. 07_Sc. 03_07
Ep. 07_Sc. 03_08

Before Sienna could move Thad began closing the space between them with fast angry steps until he was close enough to grab her by the arm. “I really hope this little house party of yours was worth it because you don’t have a house throw another one in now. I advise you to grab as much of your crap as you can because I’ll be throwing what’s left of it out tomorrow. Now give me your keys and get the fuck out.”

Ep. 07_Sc. 03_09

"How dare you embarrass me like this in front of all these people," she fired back. "You don’t like me having guests when you’re here so I waited until you were out of town and you still throw a damn fit. I just can’t win with you."

Ep. 07_Sc. 03_10

Incredulous at her gull, he exploded. "You know I thought you were just being obstinate, but you really are vapid enough to think that this is not big deal. Are you going to pay the fines that the home owners association is bound to hit me with? What about the noise ordinance violation from the city? And what about this mess? Are you going to clean that up or where you just going to hire someone to do it and charge it to me?" Sienna folded her arms and rolled her eyes in defiance. The answer to all of those questions, of course was, no. "That's just what I thought. You’re not going to do shit about any of it. Just get your stuff and go.” Infuriated she brushed past him and headed toward the house.

Ep. 07_Sc. 03_11

"Fuck you Thad; I don't need to stay here. I don't need you from anything!” she screamed over her shoulder. Feeling the tears well in her eyes she grabbed her purse and headed out the front door before they could fall. He could see her mad, but she would be damned if he was going to see her cry.

Ep. 07_Sc. 03_12

Speeding off from the house she gunned her engine down the road; her tears finally escaping down her cheeks. She had no clue where she was going or what she was going to do next, but the first person she called was Gunther.


  1. What a fantastic update! Two women kicked to the curb and I doubt either of them is going to quietly take it.

    I can't wait to see the expression on Thad's face when he realizes that Isabella is not some whimpering little girl. I just love the strong women you have in your world.

    What an amazing job with your shots! I hope you don't mind if I ask but did you edit Ivy's hair? I have that but the bangs are much much more in the eye.

  2. WOW WOW WOW!!!

    Go Nico go!! Ok Ivy has every reason to feel ill used, and she was, but the man had to make a choice.

    and it was about time someone dumped Sienna on her high maintenance ass! She's not going down easy though, is she? Love the cliff hanger!!

    I cannot wait to see Thad try to muscle Isabella. Daddy's little princess indeed. I don't think so.

    As always, your shots, the color, the composition, are incredible! I love that first shot, and the shot outside Thad's house with the cruisers all parked every which way in the street.

    Wonderful, taut, fast paced and powerful writing!!

  3. Hi Gayl,

    I thought it would be fitting to end the year by tying up these two loose ends. Out with old and in with the new.

    Neither of these ladies are going to take this lying down and the results are going to be explosive in Ivy's case. Sienna's first instinct is to whine about everything and she's going to go to the only person who'll listen to that....Gunther. But this is an opportunity for her to grow so we'll see what happens.

    I wish I could say I edited Ivy's hair but I am not talented in that respect. I know that it came in a set that I picked up somewhere (don't remember off hand), I'll take a look when I get home and let you know.

    As always thank you so much for reading and commenting.

  4. Hey Beth,

    Thank you so much for the compliments I really wasn't sure about some of the shots because by the end I was just rushing to get this done. Glad they look good to you.

    Sienna can be a whinner and a little wimpy at times but she is also angry about this (not that she has a right to be) and she is not going to roll over and play dead. She's definately going to get Thad back for this.

    And Thad is definately wrong about Issy's situation. He's counting his chickens before they hatch and he is in for a very very rude awakening.

    Thanks again for reading, commenting, and always being so supportive.

    Happy New Year!!

  5. I feel kind of bad for Ivy. Perhaps more than I should, but that's a crappy situation to be in. Nico is a volatile dude, though, so maybe it's for the best. She can find someone a bit more... stable? LOL But we know that won't happen. A woman scorned is a bad, bad thing... a woman scorned who ALSO knows your secrets? Much worse.

    I don't blame Thad. No one wants to come home with the police hanging out at your front door! Definitely a shock. I'm not sure how I feel about Sienna yet, I'm more curious as to what she's going to do than anything...

    Loved the beach shots! I never have beaches or beach houses in my stories, so I love looking at everyone else's... not to mention all the little details. Wonderful!

  6. Thank you Mao :)

    You are exactly right about Ivy. Whether it was "healthy" or not she is pissed that her "relationship" with Nico is over. She doesn't know all of his secrets, but she certainly knows enough of them to hurt him. He is just arrogant enough to believe she would never do it. Unfortunately he is wrong and this will not end well when he realizes it.

    Sienna is a brat and as nasty as Thad is she deserved to get kicked out on her butt. What she ends up doing...we'll see. But make no mistake she too is pissed about this situation.

    Thank you for reading the commenting. I always love to hear what you think.

  7. Ok sooo another amazing chapter. I feel like I'm watching The O.C on HBO. And I love it.

    Nico is an ass. I understand you've got the love of your life back and everything. Thats great. But to be well aware of Ivy's feelings, manipulate them so she will be your personal vault, screw her when you dont wanna do it urself, and then dump her andd evict her at the same time is just way to much. Its totally unessecary. He didnt have to be so cruel to her. She didnt deserve that. He could have told her they were done and let her keep the house. Its not like he cant afford it. So I have no pity for him when she fucks him over. He totally deserves whatever she brings.

    Sienna is a bratty bitch. But so is Thad. I'm excited to see this war of theirs begin. Who can outdo who. This is gonna be really good. Does Sienna have any money of her own? Was there an inheritance? Or just the business Thad took over.

    I'm really beggining to adore your story. Its addictive.

  8. LOL, Sinclair you at toooo funny. I guess this is like the OC on HBO (cursing, nudity, adult situations). Yes, Nico did take things a lot futher than he intended to but when that nasty side of him comes out he really turns into a monster. Occupational hazard I guess.

    Unlike Ivy, Sienna absolutely deserved to get kicked out, she's been itching for it for a long time. As far as money goes, Sienna has (or had) access to the family bank accounts which are all controlled by Thad so once he cuts her off she is essentially penniless. All she has now is her car, clothes, and jewelery so she is definately ass out.

    She's isn't accustomed to solving her own problems so while it might take her a minute, she is definately going to get back at Thad for this.

    Thanks for reading; I'm glad you are getting addicted :)

  9. muzegoddess,
    first, I haven't read many of your stories, but I'm familiar with some of your characters and your writing skill, both of which gave me goosebumps in this update. I cannot express in words your ability to detail situations, the imagery is incredible.

    also, the angles in some of your screens, esp the close-ups speak "1000 words."

    I love Ivy, btw. she's incredibly, simply pretty. something about her yields a calm demeanor, but I have a feeling underneath that porcelain appearance, she's a ticking time bomb..guess we'll find out..

  10. Thank you xtina. I try to be descriptive without going overboard (which I can do sometimes). I'm glad you like it. I've also been trying to really take my time with the shots and capture more emotion, so I'm glad you like them too.

    Ivy does have a really good heart which is why she has stuck it out with Nico for so long, but he's crossed her now so all bets are off. She's definately going to make him regret what he's done.

    Thanks again for reading and commenting.

  11. Can't wait to read another one!!

  12. Oh Poor Ivy, seriously I do feel kind of sorry for her.
    but I don't feel sorry for Sienna, I think she needs to grow up a little bit and this might just be her opportunity to do so. Hopefully she won't give Gunther lots of trouble...

    going back to Ivy, I wonder what is she going to do now? I doubt she will sit down and cry while Nico lives his happily ever after with Isabella.

    He did treat her bad... she is feeling used, betrayed and hurt, a woman feeling like that is indeed a ticking-time bomb.

    Good luck to those two.

  13. Hey S@ndy,

    You are exactly right. Ivy got a raw deal and Sienna got just what she deserved. Ivy is devasted and she's not going to go away quietly at all. She put a lot of time and love into her relationship with Nico and has nothing to show for it but a broken heart. She's going to return the favor.

    Sienna has a lot of growing to do and somehow I don't know if Gunther is strong enough to make her do it without giving into her childish demands. His love for her might only make things worse.

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I'm so glad you are back.

  14. Ah man, my heart broke for Ivy. it's a horrible situation she's found herself in, allowing herself to be used like that. As much as I love Nico, I could help but think what an asshole he is in this one.

    And though I don't agree with Thad's questionable business interests, I'm glad he's put a lid on Sienna's free-loading lifestyle. About time she learned the hard facts of life, and maybe get a proper job!

    Slowly catching up :)