Sunday, January 10, 2010

Say Anything

Le Madeline Bistro - Vista Glenn

Ep. 08_Sc. 01_01
Ep. 08_Sc. 01_02

"Okay, we've talked about the weather, you've asked me a million questions about work and Cyrus and Zoe, so let's cut the small talk and get to the dirt.” While Eden loved that she and Isabella were back in contact, she knew her friend well enough to know that she hadn't been invited to lunch just to shoot the breeze. Isabella had a certain look in her eye that alluded to more than the pleasantries that they had been exchanging. This cat had definitely swallowed a canary and Eden wouldn't be satisfied until she coughed it up.

Ep. 08_Sc. 01_03
Ep. 08_Sc. 01_04

"I don't know what you're talking about," Isabella said coyly, trying to hold back a smile. “Whatever Issy. After everything that's been in the papers and on TV, you have no reason to smile like that unless… Oh my God!!!! No!!! You and Nico. You and Nico? You and Nico??!!!! Eden slapped her hand across her mouth to hold in her scream.

"Okay, okay, everyone doesn't need to know,” Isabella said partly shielding her face with an embarrassed smile. "I can't believe you were just going to sit there and not say anything. You have to tell me everything. How the hell did this even happen? I thought you two weren't speaking."

Ep. 08_Sc. 01_05

"Well after I went to see him, I thought the same thing, but he showed up at the house last night and things got….intense.” Isabella inhaled sharply as the events of the night before rushed back into her mind. Unable to hold Eden at bay any longer she recounted her night with Nico, sparing overtly intimate detail. As she did a sense of warmth washed over her; an almost desperate need to be back in his arms again.

Ep. 08_Sc. 01_06

"I knew it. I told you he still had feelings for you. So where do things stand now?" Eden asked. The question turned the warmth Isabella was feeling into cold uncertainty. That was the one question she didn't have an answer to. She knew that he still loved her and she felt the same, but anything beyond that was a blur neither one of them had tried to put into focus.

Ep. 08_Sc. 01_07

"Honestly, I don't know. He had to leave before we could talk about it. His daughter was waiting for him," Isabella said shifting in her seat. That too was an issue that left her less than sure of the situation. "His daughter….have you two talked about that?” Eden's question was quickly answered by the far off uncomfortable look in Issy's eyes.

Ep. 08_Sc. 01_08

"Well whatever happens, I'm glad you two got over yourselves and admitted that you're still in love. God, it was like pulling teeth to get you to even entertain the idea and now you two are having midnight rendezvous. Just like high school, except I don't have to cover for you now."

Ep. 08_Sc. 01_09

The two of them burst into laughter as they recounted the various deceitful situations that the memory brought to mind. "What's so funny, you two are giggling like school girls," Cyrus' deep voice interrupted their fun as he approached the table. "Just a little girl talk," Eden said as she stood to greet him. "What are you doing here; did your meeting get cancelled?"

Ep. 08_Sc. 01_10

"Yeah. I was on my way to pick up Zoe, but I thought I would stop by and see if you needed anything before I went home. And of course it's always good to see you Isabella.” "You too Cyrus," Isabella replied with a slight smile. They were interrupted by his cell phone. "Sorry, I have to take this," he said after quickly glancing at the caller id. As he moved away to take the call Isabella's eyes followed him slowly; that same unidentifiable feeling creeping up on her. She shook it off and rose to leave.
Ep. 08_Sc. 01_11

"Okay, I have to go, but I'll call you tomorrow. "As they hugged goodbye, Eden whispered in her ear, "Don't give up before you try. You and Nico can make this work; I know you can.” The words tugged at Isabella's heart, but she refused to let her hopes rise any higher than they already were. "We'll see what happens. Tell Cyrus I said goodbye," she said as she turned to walk away.

Ep. 08_Sc. 01_12

It was a comfort to have someone to confide in again, but her conversation with Eden had only exacerbated the apprehension she felt about opening her heart up to Nico again. Being with him had made her realize how much of herself she had shut off since she left him and if things didn't work out she wasn’t sure she would be able to survive that way again. They had made their way this far back to each other and if he was willing to try, she was determined not to lose him again.


Ep. 08_Sc. 02_01

Sitting at the bar, pretending to take in the scenery, Bianca fixed her gaze trying to get a good look. She stared hard trying to examine facial features, mannerisms, hands, eyes. She omitted hair color, as she assumed it was a very well done bottle job. She listened to the voice, the laugh, trying to quietly replicate it. Did her laugh sound the same? Could what she heard really be true?

Ep. 08_Sc. 02_02

She was trying to fit the pieces together; the picture she had found in her father’s room, the way he had been acting recently, the rumors and teasing from the kids at school, the tabloid reports. He had to know her…but how and why? She lived in a completely different world then they did.

Ep. 08_Sc. 02_03

She took another sip of her soda and catching the reflection of herself in the mirror behind the bar she studied it closely. She looked at the woman again and then back at her reflection: same facial structure, different color eyes, same nose, same delicate figure.

Ep. 08_Sc. 02_04

She looked at the woman again, marveling at her beauty and poise; two things she had never found in herself. She watched as the woman rose from her seat and hugged her lunch companion before she left. Now was the perfect time; she was alone. Just go up and ask her, Bianca thought to herself. She hopped off the stool and began walking towards the woman’s table.

Ep. 08_Sc. 02_05
Ep. 08_Sc. 02_06

The woman gathered her things from the table and began to walk in Bianca’s direction—a strong and confident walk. Still staring at her Bianca continued walking, closing the gap between them. They were close now, close enough to speak, close enough for Bianca to touch her.

Ep. 08_Sc. 02_07

She stopped as the woman walked by her without so much as a glance. Bianca turned around and watched her walk further and further away from her. She had let her walk away, let her fear get the better of her. Now she stood alone with the same question burning in her mind. Could that woman really be her mother?


Ep. 08_Sc. 03_01

As she walked away from the table Isabella turned slightly to look behind her at the girl she had just past. She could feel her eyes boring into the back of her head and sure enough her gaze was still fixed. She had never seen her before, but there was a certain resemblance that she couldn’t immediately place. She must have seen me in the tabloids, she thought to herself. She turned to face forward just in time to run head on into someone else.

Ep. 08_Sc. 03_02

“I know you’re happy to see me, but you don’t have to tackle me,” Blake smiled at Isabella as he held onto her shoulder to keep her from stumbling. He had seen her coming his way and decided not to miss this opportunity to talk to her…alone. Being able to touch her made it all the more worthwhile.

Ep. 08_Sc. 03_03

“I’m so sorry,” she said as she composed herself and looked up at the person she had accosted. A slight smile began to cross her face as she met his eyes, kind and warm just as they had been that night at the club and the night they had first met on the beach. “Don’t apologize; I could think of worse things than running into a beautiful woman.”

Ep. 08_Sc. 03_04

Isabella’s smile widened at his blatant flirtation. Now that she had a chance to get a good look at him he was certainly easy on the eyes himself. Just as he had a few nights before he stood gazing at her with a look of interest that she felt went beyond pure physical attraction. It had strangely comforted her then as it did now. Realizing that she was staring at him longer than she intended she broke the short silence.

Ep. 08_Sc. 03_05

“I’m glad that I ran into you. I’ve been meaning to come by the club and thank you for helping me the other night. I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t gotten me out of there.” “I wish I could’ve kept those creeps away from you. But I guess if you really want to thank me you can take me out to dinner.” He smiled at the shocked expression that crossed her face. “Excuse me?”

Ep. 08_Sc. 03_06

“I save you from those vultures and you repay me by trying to knock me down. We haven’t even gone on our first date yet and you’re already trying to get me on my back. The least you can do is buy me a meal,” he said moving closer to her. She smiled despite herself and casually took a step back to increase the space between them.

Ep. 08_Sc. 03_07

“I don’t even know you,” she said her face turning serious and tight. “Blake Bolthouse. I’m Blair’s brother,” he said extending his hand which she reluctantly shook. “Now you know me.” “Not really, but from what I’ve heard about you it doesn’t take much for any woman to get you on your back. I hope you don’t take this little accident as me being desperate.” This time he was the one who couldn’t help smiling. She wasn’t going to make this easy for him; but then he had always enjoyed the chase.

Ep. 08_Sc. 03_08

“Not desperate, just anxious. I thought I’d let you off the hook and make it clear that it’s okay for you to take me out. I’m free tonight.” “Well I’m not. I guess I’ve missed my chance. I’ll have to find a way to live with myself after this.” She turned to leave but he caught her arm before she could, sending a jolt of energy though her body; a physical reaction she didn’t expect.

Ep. 08_Sc. 03_09
Ep. 08_Sc. 03_10

She turned back to him trying to hide the surprise on her face. His expression was now serious and intense. “Well why don’t I take you out; then neither of us will have to suffer.” Just then he felt a sharp and deliberate tap on his shoulder and turned to see the tall red head he had come with standing behind him, arms crossed and angry.

Ep. 08_Sc. 03_11

“What the hell are you doing Blake?” He had completely forgotten that she had gone to powder her nose. He quickly tried to think of something, anything to say or do, but there was no getting out of this.

Ep. 08_Sc. 03_12

“Trust me, he’s not doing anything here. Not with me,” Isabella said as she turned her back on the two of them and headed for her car. Blake stood mortified and dejected as watched her walk away from him again. Shit, strike two, he thought to himself completely ignoring the yelling fit his date was throwing.

Ep. 08_Sc. 03_13

“What an idiot,” Isabella said to herself as she walked away. He had been so cocky and the situation was so embarrassing that she wanted to laugh about it and she should have, but instead she felt a completely contrary sensation creeping up on her-- the slight twinge of jealousy.


  1. I do so feel for you, the problems you've been having with your game. But these shots are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

    I love the way you put Isabella into conflict/contact with those three men in this chapter. Even though Nico isn't there in the flesh, he's THERE.

    Cyrus is setting off her spidey sense. Nico is making her all warm and fuzzy. And there's Blake. Flirtatious, genuinely interested, and trying not to try too hard. I love those two together!

    Poor Bianca. That's a question even an adult would find difficult to pose. And Isabella's distraction made it impossible.

    The easy banter between Izzy and Blake is wonderful. Of course she's going to be difficult to catch. She would be even if she wasn't attached to Nico.

    This is a wonderful, wonderful update! Love every line!!

  2. Thanks Beth! I know you know what I'm going through with this darn game so I figured I'd make it easy on myself and stick with one lot that works.

    You are so right Nico is THERE. It's all she's been thinking about so the jolt she got from being near Blake was very shocking for her. The physical is all there, but her head is what is really getting in his way of getting to her completely. That and his constant womanizing. Only Blake would ask someone out on a date while he is on a date.

    Something in the water is not clean with Cyrus and Isabella can sense it. She just doesn't have anything concrete to go along with the bad vibes. But she will.

    And poor Bianca she has been thrown in the middle of a bunch of secrets and lies and has questions that she deserves to have answered. Nico has always been tight lipped about her mother and she really just wants to know why and what Isabella has to do with any of it. She's not going to stop until she gets answers.

    Thank you for the compliments on the shots and the writing. I always appreciate your comments;)

  3. I'm so glad you managed to make it work! And that you didn't lose everything. I'm sure that's a small solace, but still, it's something, right? LOL!

    I'm glad Isabella had someone to talk to about that 'encounter' with Nico! She certainly needs an outside perspective to help her along with this one.

    I have to say, I enjoyed the conversation pictures. It looked natural and comfortable, which isn't something that's easy to achieve with The Sims! Major kudos on that one.

    My heart aches for poor Bianca! Seriously, you're pulling at my strings here. I can't believe she followed. Poor girl.

    And Blake thinks he's so smooth, doesn't he? LOL he amuses me. I'm glad Isabella managed to get away!

  4. I have to agree here, this was extremely well done! I loved the interaction with Eden and Isabella, it was very natural and the shots were gorgeous! All of them were! And Cyrus...can't wait to find out what his deal is!

    Blake is a crack up and I was a little surprised that she reacted to him especially with a guy like Nico around. That should be an interesting development since I doubt Blake will give up that easily.

    I really felt for Bianca here. She has a lot of questions and is probably old enough for the answers. Will she get them easily? Probably not! I'm going to have to go back and re-read some things. I am not sure I understand why Isabella wouldn't know she had a daughter.

    All in all, with the problems you have been having this was spot on! The writing pulls you right in and your shots...well you never take a bad one. Fantastic!

  5. Hey Mao! Yes I am very glad that I still have all my stuff. I would've been crushed if I had lost any of my sims.

    Wow you like the conversation picutures? I hate doing seated converations there just aren't enough poses that look natural enough, but I'm glad you thing these do.

    I don't think anyone knows Issy the way Eden does so it has been damn near theraputic for her to back in her life. Eden will always tell her the truth and she really needs that.

    Bianca is searching for so much more than the "person" that she believes could be her mother. She's never had a mother and that is really what she's searching for. That connection; one that her father can't give her.

    And Blake...he's a player who has just met his match. I have so much fun with him.

    Thank you for commenting and I'm glad you liked this one.

  6. Hi Gayl. Eden and Issy are really cute when they get together, almost like they are back in high school. When I finally do get to what Cyrus is up to Eden will be glad that Issy is back in town.

    Now that he has been able to have an actual conversation with Issy, there is no way that Blake is givning up. He's determined to see this through even if he does have bad timing. and he realizes that he got a reaction out of her and that she is trying to ignore it.

    Bianca and Isabella....hmm...I'll say this, Isabella knows the "truth" and Bianca is still looking for it. Isabella is concerned about the "truth" but she's trying not to dwell on it. It is something that she knows will be a problem later, but she's sticking her head in the sand. She honestly doesn't recognize Bianca however.

    Thank you so much for the compliments. It was a challenge to get this done and I'm glad it turned out well.

  7. You really have me intrigued with Issy and Bianca now...Issy knows the truth as in she knows she had a baby? But hasn't connected the dots to Bianca? And does Nico know this truth?

    Man I can't wait to find this out!!

  8. I guess we'll have to see...

    *smiles coyly and cackles wildly*

  9. That's evil!!! LOL! I can't wait!

  10. Isabella and Eden are to much. Its always amusing to see adults brought back to their happy places. Cyrus is a cutie. I feel like this is yet another city of gorgeous people.

    Ooo Bianca! She's already putting her foot in it, three chapters sooner than I expected. I'm curious though. What relationship does she think she will get from Issy? I mean once the initial shock of discovering your birth mother is over then you have the rest. She doesnt know Isabella and assuming that Issy is her mom she doesnt seem very motherly. She barely has her own shit together. This should be a veryy interesting turn of events.

  11. Hi Sinclair. Yes Las Vistas is the land of the beautiful (though there are a few unfortunate exceptions here and there).

    Bianca is in way over her head, there is so much mystery surrounding who her mother is and she's never gotten a straight answer from her father about any of it. She's curious about Isabella because of the rumors associated with her return and she feels like this is her chance to get those answers and possibly, finally, a real mother in her life. She's been missing that...a lot. Her father loves her, but he's not the warm and fuzzy type and he certainly doesn't know how to relate to a teenage girl so there is a big void there. She's wondering if Isabella will be the person who can fill it.

    IF...Isabella is her mother, you are right, she doesn't have her shit together at all to deal with that. She only planned to be in Las Vistas for a few days and now she's there for the forseeable future. And she is intent on avoiding any more complications so it will be interesting to see what happens when the "truth" comes out.

    Thank you so much for commenting. I love your point of view and your questions. Keeps me on my toes :)

  12. I agree with everyone else about the shots and the writing, it was all awesome and fantastic..
    the shots of Izzy and Eden were beautiful and very natural..

    LOL it was so funny Blake trying to get a girl while he is on a date!! LOL..

    I personally do not think Izzy is the person (mother) Bianca is searching for...
    I do understand young Isabella was forced to leave the love of her life (Nico) behind when she was so very young... but I cannot picture Isabella leaving behind her child... I mean, seriously I just cannot imagine she will leave Bianca behind and never care enough to ask about her, or even think about her...

    (I'm very judgmental when it come to mother and their children) but your storyline is fantastic and it is just getting better and better!

    I can't wait to see what happens next.

    Awesome job!
    and now I'm all caught up!
    It was a great read! Thanks!!

  13. Thank you S@ndy! Blake is a riot isn't he? Such a bad bad boy ;) So you don't think Issy is Bianca's mother...well, I can see your point. It would be very bad if she had left her child behind, but I guess we'll see soon enough what the truth is....

  14. I've got a sneaky suspicion about Bianca and Isabella. I think if Issy was her mom, she would have wanted to see her daughter, daddy dearest would not have kept her away.

    Which leaves me to wonder about her Isabella's mom, and why daddy dearest would want to keep as much distance between Nico and Isabella as possible.