Monday, March 29, 2010

The Spider & the Fly

The Court Bar Nightclub - Downtown Las Vistas

Ep. 11_Sc. 01_00
Ep. 11_Sc. 01_01

Ivy sat alone at the bar; eyes glossed over, headache pounding, and hunched over her drink like a dog protecting its food. Nursing the emotional wounds that Nico had left on her heart had sent her spiraling into a vicious cycle of drinking, crying, and drinking some more. It had gone on for the last few weeks and didn’t show any signs of stopping. She couldn’t say that she had had a lot of love in her life, but she had loved him to a fault and in turn, he had made a fool of her for it. Their violent exchange had been unexpected and she was still at a loss for how any of it began. He had been happy with her, hadn’t he? At least happy enough to take her out occasionally and sleep with her every other night. But there was someone else now. Someone that had come out of nowhere, some other woman that he cared enough about to end things with her for good. That fact had cut the deepest and put her over the edge.

Ep. 11_Sc. 01_02

She was deep in despair over her situation. No money, no place to live, and no Nico. Hot tears rolled down her cheeks and the blaring music from the jukebox camouflaged her muffled cries. She was all alone and he didn’t care. The one person in the world who meant anything to her didn’t even care.

Ep. 11_Sc. 01_03

“Benny I need another shot,” she said, her speech slurring a bit. She pushed her empty glass toward the bartender and he quickly complied as Ivy absently gazed at the large bottle of rum and the steady stream of brown liquid escaping its mouth. She threw her head back and guzzled it down and was about to ask for another when someone else beat her to it. “Give the lady another shot Benny; on me.”


Stevens Residence - West Bank St., Downtown Las Vistas

Ep. 11_Sc. 02_01
Ep. 11_Sc. 02_02
Ep. 11_Sc. 02_03
Ep. 11_Sc. 02_04
Ep. 11_Sc. 02_05
Sloane woke up with a start, the images of her dream still flashing before her as she blinked her eyes, trying to focus them in the darkness. Every time she closed her eyes it was the same thing. That dream, that memory, that terrible night replaying over and over again. And it always ended the same way with those eyes boring holes into her soul. She felt those eyes watching her all the time now ever since Isabella had returned.

Rational or not her blame for it all lay squarely on her former friend and her need to drive her out of Las Vistas had become a near obsession. Her nerves on edge and her mind still polluted with visions, she hopped out of bed and rushed into her bathroom.

Ep. 11_Sc. 02_06

Stripping off her night clothes she got into the shower, slammed the door and hurriedly turned on the cold valve as far as it would go, nearly breaking it off. The ice cold water took its effect, biting her warm skin and jolting her out of her hallucination. She stood shivering for a long while letting the water run over her head, washing the disturbing nightmare from her psyche.

Ep. 11_Sc. 02_07

When she was sufficiently cleansed she got out, dried off, and poured herself a large glass of wine. Taking liberal gulps, she made her way to the large wall of windows in her loft and looked down at the city below. There had to be some way to make this stop, to get that blonde bitch the hell out of her life for good. She’d been racking her brain for weeks and had always come up empty. Silent tears began to run down her face. One of them teetered on her chin before dropping into her glass. She took another sip and let out a frustrated sigh.

“She's got to get out of here,” she said to herself. “Time is running out.” Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on her door. Only one person that could be at this hour, she thought herself as she rolled her eyes and made her way to answer it.

Ep. 11_Sc. 02_08

“Hey sexy,” Pierce said as she opened the door, his eyes trained on her body, nearly undressing her with them. Her not so subtle hints that she wanted nothing to do with him hadn’t penetrated and recently, at some of her weaker moments, she had made the mistake of sleeping with him a few times, further confusing the issue. But tonight he would get no play, at least not from her. “Not tonight Pierce,” she said shielding herself from his gaze with her arms. His eyes were just as cold and beady as the ones in her dream. “I’m not in the mood.”

Ep. 11_Sc. 02_09

“Well I can get you there; come on baby let me in.” He stepped forward and began to ease his way into her apartment, but she pressed her weight against the door catching him in the opening. “I said no Pierce. Go the hell away!” “Come on, I’ve been thinking about you all day.” He wedged himself further through the door and used the hand that was inside to lightly graze her backside. “I’ve got some news good news for you too.”

Ep. 11_Sc. 02_10

Her interest slightly piqued and too tired to keep up the physical stand off she relented and without warning removed her pressure on the door allowing it to fly open and causing him to stumble forward into the apartment. He caught his balance, closed the door and followed her into the living room. “You can’t stay long. I’m tired and I’m not hosting a sleep over.”

Ep. 11_Sc. 02_11

“Come on Sloane. My wife is out of town and I set up a good excuse to spend the whole night with you. At least let me stay a little while.” She regarded him with a scowl and went back to her wine. “Fine, but I don’t know why you would. Nothing’s going happen.” He sat down next to her and put his arm around her shoulder. The sly smile on his face let her know that she hadn’t squelched his expectations in the least.

“So what’s the news I’m supposed to like?”

“One of my editors is thinking of running a story about Isabella Monacco. Something about her and Nico De Santos.”

“What about them? I already fed you everything about their high school puppy love.”

“Yeah well they’ve got more than that going on now. We’ve got a few candids of them together, just waiting on a real money shot.” He slid closer to her and began rubbing her shoulders.

Ep. 11_Sc. 02_12

Sloane wriggled from his grip and scooted away glaring at him. “I thought you’d be happy. We’re going to do some “then” and “now” shots with his mug shot and her prom picture; hopefully we can get some nude, or at least half nude, shots that we can blur; archives has tons more stuff we can use. It’s going to be great!”

Ep. 11_Sc. 02_13

His excitement made her expression soften a bit. His twisted little heart was in the right place but it wasn’t enough. Isabella would deny the story and Nico simply wouldn’t comment at all. It might cause a momentary uproar but certainly not enough to get her to leave. Worse yet it might bring another unwanted player into the game. She needed more; and suddenly, as she recalled something Pierce had just said, it came to her.

Ep. 11_Sc. 02_14

“Pierce you said something about archives a minute ago. What archives?’ Pierce regarded her cautiously. “We’ve got an archives department. Every story we’ve ever done is on file. Why? You can’t get in there if that’s what you’re thinking.” “ No, that’s not what I meant,”’ she said abruptly jumping up from the sofa and moving to her office. She quickly returned with a small piece of paper with scribbled writing on it. Standing in front of him she seductively slipped it down the opening of her robe.

Ep. 11_Sc. 02_15

Pierce’s bewildered expression spread into smile as he rose from the sofa to retrieve it, but Sloane pushed him back down and put her foot up on his knee. “You want it? I’ll let you get it and everything else you want, but you have to do something for me in return.” Aroused, he swallowed hard trying to contain himself. “What? Whatever it is you can have it.”

Ep. 11_Sc. 02_16
Ep. 11_Sc. 02_17

Sloane smiled as she lowered herself into his lap. He raised his hands to touch her but she slapped them away with a devious grin and leaned in close to him grazing her lips against his ear. “There’s a name on that paper. I want you to get me everything you can find on that name. Articles, pictures, even police reports. I want everything.” She paused for a moment, letting her breath tickle his skin before she leaned back giving him full access to slip his hand down into the folds of her robe and retrieve the treasure she had buried.

Ep. 11_Sc. 02_18

He unfolded it, read the name and stared at her for a moment. “Are you sure you want to do this?”” he asked. “Absolutely,” she replied as she began untying sash. “Consider it done,” he said reaching around her waist and pulling her into a deep kiss. Sloane closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and tried to control her gag reflex.


  1. I feel bad for Ivy but did she really think that Nico was the man for her? Seriously? She could do so much better. She just has to get on the right track.

    And as for Sloane...if I don't miss my guess it looks as if Isabella's dad might have molested her...or least tried to molest her which is why she wants Isabella out of town before creepy daddy comes back into town. keep using her body and allowing Pierce to use her to sate his own needs isn't going to continue to work...and it'll only make her hate herself.

    Your pictures are stunning. I love the one of them on the couch!:) I'm happy I finally caught up!:D

  2. OMG I feel so bad for Ivy I could scream!

    Sloane's situation just keeps getting uglier and stranger and I'm with Phoenix on this one. Did Isabella's dad do something to her? She needs to slap Pierce and get out of there and get her head straight.

    wow...maybe Ivy and Sloane should go out together. I mean it.

    No one, and I mean NO ONE, does shots the way you do. The color, the lighting, the angles you capture in the bar. I'm ENVIOUS! You are so good!

  3. Thank you Phoenix! I'm glad you're caught up too. Ivy thinks that Nico was the best thing that ever happened to her. She does not at all see how something could be better than what she had with him and that is very sad and speaks the quality of her past relationships.

    You might have something there with your theory about Sloane. She's definately suffered a trauma at the hands of someone else and that is part of why she hates Isabella. And her way of getting what she wants is a consequence of that trauma, but I would say that she is using Pierce more than he is using her at this point.

    It's a complicated situation that has several layers to it. So we'll see what happens.

    Thank you so much for reading.

  4. Hi Beth. Ivy is in a very bad place emotionally. Nico broke her heart and kicked dirt on it so she's devasted right now. But you know what they say about a woman scorned. Whoever that is with her at the bar might not help the situation.

    Slone is going through a lot too and Phoenix's theory is very close to the truth, but there are a few twists that make it even more tragic. Ivy and Sloane together would be like a grenade with the pin pulled. DANGEROUS. LOL.

    Thank you for the compliments on the shots. It means so much to me.

  5. O Ivy :( Kicked out like a poor dog. I hope she gets her revenge. She didnt deserve all of this. Though I wonder why she has no money. Assuming a guy like Nico is really going to take care of you is ignorant.

    And Sloane...I hope she comes out of this crisis in one piece. This is a very messy thing that should be treated as such. And by her not dealing with it when it happened shes going to bring it all back now. And take it out on Issy.

    On another note sleeping with Pierce seems below her. Hes not nearly cute enough to warrant that. She can do better.

  6. Oh my god!! I cannot believe it.. I had left you a super long comment and it didn't go through!!! GRRRR stupid blogger....

    Anyway.... here I go again... I hope it will go through this time!

    I feel really sorry for Sloane! I bet my heart that those eyes belong to Isabella's father! That SOB! I haven't even seen his face and I'm already hating him! He really is a disgusting scum!
    Poor Sloane...

    I think, that the man who molested her took everything away from her, that's why she doesn't really care about giving her body as a token for what she makes sense, she has nothing to lose and a lot to gain, and probably, having someone else against her skin, touching her is the only way to erase that man's hands from her body...

    I don't feel sorry for Ivy, it is sad what happened, but I bet she knew this day will come... She knows Nico and the relationship she had with him was out of convenience nothing else...

    it was convenient for him to have her whenever he wanted, and it was convenient for her because she had, a man, a roof over her head and money...
    Ivy, you deserve better than Nico! Get on your feet and start over, he aint the only man, and he sure is not worth your tears, stop wasting your time and stop getting wasted, if you continue to drink you will soon end up like Rayne and you sure wont be able to pay for rehab!

    LOL I agree with SB Ivy and Sloane could get together sometime!! LOL

    About your pictures, I know everyone has already said it, I think I have already say it to... but seriously your shots are amazing!!! They looks so real, so natural without odd/fake poses or facial expression!
    They are some of the best I have ever seen in any sim story... you really have an eye to capture every single expression/mood in your sims... really that is a gift and I'm so very jealous!
    You have no need for a bunch of pose boxes!!!!

    YAY Another great update!!

  7. I feel for Ivy so much but she has to snap out of it. The way you wrote her pain, the crying, anger, drinking was so realistic. I am very very curious about who the guy is buying her the drink. Somehow it feels like he is either connected to Nico or after him. And I have to say that Ivy is one gorgeous girl!

    I'm with everyone else with regard to that being Issy's father with Sloane but I wonder what the circumstances were that she blames Issy for it. And even more curious about the name on that paper! I feel like there is an innocent about to become a victim of Sloane's revenge against Issy.

    Brilliantly done, the scene in Sloane's loft, the way you set that up was incredible. Your writing really draws me in so much and your images are to die for!


  8. Hi xtina. Ivy certainly does need to get over Nico and she will move on, but probably not with someone that is actually good for her.

    Sloane is definately a vixen and seduction is her main weapon. LOL.

    Thank you so much for the compliment on the shots it really means a lot.

  9. Hey Sinclair. Yes, Ivy is the as close to an innocent victim here as you can get. She is broke, and she was foolish to become dependent on Nico for her survival, but she's a smart girl and she's well aware that she has the means to hurt him just as badly as he's hurt her.

    Sloane is really messed up about what happened in her past, but she really feels that she has good reason to be with Isabella for it. Whether that's rational or not... we'll see. And yes she can do better than Pierce and she has before. He's just a means to an end.

    As always thank you for commenting.

  10. S@ndy thank you so much! What a wonderful compliment on the shots. Though a do use a lot of poseboxes LOL!

    I'm intrigued by your theory about why Sloane is so quick to use her body to get what she wants. I never thought about it quite that way, but you are so right. Being with other men probably is a way for her to erase what happened to her. But don't feel too sorry for her just yet. She's got a nasty bite when she's after someone.

    Ivy was very careless to let her life totally revolve around Nico, but she was (is) desperately in love with him. Their relationship was unconventional from the very begining and she didn't expect to fall for him like she did. Her whole life has literally been ripped apart by this and not just emotionally and physically.

    And Beth has the wheels in my head turning about Ivy and Sloane getting together to comiserate about their broken lives. I might have to come up with something for that ;)

    Thank you so much for reading telling me what you think. I always love to hear form you.

  11. Gayl!:) *cackles wildly* Yes who is that guy at the bar? Does she know him? And what part will he play in all of this? Lots of questions to answer. I thought I'd throw him in for a little spice. Whoever he is he's certainly found her in a mess and I doubt that's a good thing. And yes she really is a pretty sim. Might sound strange but sometimes I don't like using my pretty sims for short term things. Ivy is great but she won't be around forever unfortunately, at least not in Las Vistas.

    The circumstances behind what happened to Sloane are brutal and unfortunately Isabella is right in the middle of it. Might not be right, but there is a reason why Sloane blames her for her pain.
    When the name on that paper is revealed and her plans are put into place,I don't know if anyone will feel sorry for Sloane anymore. She is a venemous snake.

    I so appreciate your compliments on my writing. I know I've said it before, but your writing has been one of my biggest inspirations so you have no idea how much it means to me that you enjoy mine. Thank you.