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Monacco Desert Cottage - Vista Hills

Ep. 15_Sc. 01_01
Ep. 15_Sc. 01_02

Nico stood on the familiar stone steps in front of Isabella’s house, sullen and paralyzed with apprehension. He had stood in that same spot not so long ago – his heart in his throat – wondering if she would let him in, hear him out, let him tell her how much he still felt for her. Miraculously, she did let him in and everything in his life after that moment had changed for what he wanted to believe was the better.

Ep. 15_Sc. 01_03

Despite the happiness that night led to, there had always been something else between them as well – a quiet but clearly visible elephant in the room, things they didn’t talk about, tried not to think about, and all but pretended didn’t exist. They had slowly chipped away at a few of the obstacles, but one, the biggest one of all, still stood in their way and couldn’t be dissolved as easily. It was that thing, that insidious “it” that had him standing there again hesitating to ring the bell and begin a conversation that might threaten everything they had reclaimed.
Ep. 15_Sc. 01_04

The front door opened before he could make a definitive move and Isabella slipped out into the darkness, approaching him tentatively. “What are you doing here?” she asked him, the same question she had posed that first night. The anger that had been laced in her voice then was absent, but the hint of hesitation still lingered. He stood gazing at her, his restlessness calming in her presence, before pulling her close to him and wrapping her in his arms, finding comfort in her embrace, her head pressed against his chest, her hands sliding up and down his back, soothing and safe. He held her there for a long moment, long enough for him to get lost in it and long enough to let her know that something wasn’t right.
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She pulled back, staring up at him, trying to catch something in his expression. “What happened? Is something wrong?” Another silent pause, followed by him taking her by the hand through the house and out onto the patio. He let her hand go and took a few steps past where she had stopped, looking off into the distant mountain range beyond the borders of what had served as their safe haven from the outside world. He tried to collect his thoughts and took a deep breath before he began.
Ep. 15_Sc. 01_08

“It’s my daughter, Bianca,” he said turning towards her. Her chest rose with a sharp inhale; the look spreading across her face – a blend of sadness and fear – was exactly what he had expected but no less difficult to face. “Bianca. That’s a pretty name,” she said in a whisper, more to herself than to him. “We had a fight before I came here. She’s been asking questions…about her mother.”
Ep. 15_Sc. 01_09

Isabella shut her eyes briefly, trying to carefully swallow the lump that had suddenly formed in her throat. Here it was, the topic she had been dreading as much as he had; the questions that had been eating at her, but more than that, his answers to those questions. She shifted her gaze to her own reflection in the moonlit pool. His eyes were still on her and she could feel them searching for a reaction, but she didn’t have just one. There were hundreds even thousands of thoughts running through her mind, stirring emotions that conjured up a myriad of words to say, difficult words, words that could never be taken back once spoken. She swallowed them back down and decided to pose an obvious question instead.

Ep. 15_Sc. 01_10

“So I assume she’s heard the rumors about me? She thinks I’m her mother,” Isabella said taking a step away from him as he took one in her direction. “Yes. She asked about you, about us. She thinks you left me because of her,” he replied. She continued to stare into the still blue water this time catching his reflection moving slowly toward her but before he could get too close, she turned her back to him. “What did you tell her?” she said, struggling to maintain an even tone. “I told her the truth; a part of it at least.”
Ep. 15_Sc. 01_11

She took another step away, increasing the space between them even further. “So what is the truth Nico? Who is her mother and exactly how old is she?” He let out a sigh, well aware of where this was going. “She just turned 15 this year.” Isabella shook her head slowly taking in the information, confirming what she had suspected. “Issy I know what you’re thinking, but please just let me explain.”

Ep. 15_Sc. 01_12

“Explain what Nico?! I can do the math. You got someone pregnant barely a month after I left! All the time you claimed to be dying without me you were sleeping with somebody else. If what we had was so special how could you have done that? What if I had come back? Do you know what that would’ve done to me?” She couldn’t hold it anymore. Her tears began to fall fast and she held onto herself to keep from shaking as she let out an anguished breath. “If you could do that…it just makes me question how real any of it was in the first place.”
Ep. 15_Sc. 01_13

“How the hell can you say that?! Of course it was real! I wasn’t sleeping with her; it wasn’t like that. You were gone and I was sick of feeling like shit about it and she…she was just there. I barely knew her and it was one night, one stupid fucking night. I didn’t see her again until I found out she was pregnant.” He paused for a moment in an effort to calm down. “That’s when I knew we were over, when I gave up on us. It’s the only reason I gave up.”
Ep. 15_Sc. 01_14

Completely closing the gap between them he grabbed her from behind and held on in spite of her initial resistance. “I know how it looks but I can’t erase it, I can’t take it back and I wouldn’t because I love my daughter, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t love you. Please tell me you believe that.”
Ep. 15_Sc. 01_15

“I want to Nico, I really do. I’m not stupid, I knew you would be with other women, but so soon after I left? I couldn’t have done that and it just hurts to know that you could, even if I was gone and even if it was a million years ago. It changes who I thought we were. That’s different to me now and I wish it wasn’t.”
Ep. 15_Sc. 01_16

He tightened his grip around her hoping that the intense emotions he was feeling would somehow penetrate the walls he could feel her putting up. She turned around to face him again and he reluctantly met her eyes. The hurt, and confusion and distance behind them was unmistakable. “Come on angel, you can’t let what happened in the past stop us; we’ve come too damn far. I’ve always loved you. You know I always will.”
Ep. 15_Sc. 01_17

She stared back at him, remaining silent, her tense expression beginning to soften a bit. He pulled her into him and pressed his lips softly against her forehead, and then on one check and then the other, each kiss requesting permission to go further, and after an uncertain moment, she released her resolve and gave him full access. She wrapped her arms around his neck feeling herself getting caught up in the passion that always burned between them, but before she got totally carried away she pulled back to his dismay. She wanted to get lost in their love for one another, forget about the doubts she was having and the complications in their way, but they couldn’t keep running. Sooner or later they were going to have to face reality and she was determined to force them do it now.
Ep. 15_Sc. 01_18

“What’s wrong?” he said, maintaining a strong grip around her waist. “We have to deal with this. We can’t keep on acting like Bianca doesn’t exist. No matter what you told her she still thinks that I’m her mother and you need to tell her the whole truth, not just a part of it. She has a right to know what happened. Why won’t you tell her?”
Ep. 15_Sc. 01_19

Nico let out a frustrated sigh, looked away from her, irritated, his jaw tightly clenched. “I can’t. I know she needs to know, but I don’t know how to tell her. What happened to her mother was my fault, she’ll never understand it. I can’t tell her Issy, I just can’t!” Isabella turned his face back to hers, lightly caressed the sides of it with her hands. Whatever it was, it had been bottled up for far too long; he needed to get it out and she needed to hear it. “If you can’t tell her, will you try to tell me?”
Ep. 15_Sc. 01_20


DeSantos Residence - Sagebrush

Ep. 15_Sc. 02_01

Rider walked out onto the quiet darkness of the patio, pulled out a cigarette and lit it. He took a drag, catching the reflection of the lit end in the blue abyss of the pool. He flicked off some ashes and watched the red embers float through the air and land on the surface of the water before disappearing. He was sick of the pool, sick of the sofa, the TV, the whole damn house. Most of all he was sick of being stuck babysitting a teenaged brat while Nico and Rook ran the streets without him.
Ep. 15_Sc. 02_02

He took another drag, blew it out, and shut his eyes in an effort to relax but they flew back open when he heard a faint noise to his left. He scanned the darkened patio to make sure that the assumption that he was alone was correct. Seeing nothing, he resumed his position and took another drag but once again his thoughts were interrupted by the noise.
Ep. 15_Sc. 02_03

He stepped out onto the catwalk that stretched across the pool and as he approached the middle of the walkway he began to make out the silhouette of someone sitting on the ground. “Who’s there?!” he called out as he cautiously moved closer. The person didn’t speak and again he heard the soft noise that had alerted him in the first place. It sounded like sniffling. He moved toward it swiftly, fists balled, ready to attack and just as he was about to pounce the moon peaked out from behind the clouds illuminating the identity of the intruder. It was Bianca, curled up in a shivering ball, her eyes clamped shut, her face puffy and wet.
Ep. 15_Sc. 02_04

Rider broke his gait and stood over her in shocked silence. He had never seen her cry before and as mean as she always was to him, he hadn’t thought it was even possible. Still, there she was, the evidence that she could streaming down her face. He threw his cigarette down, stomped it out with his shoe and sat down next to her, but maintained a good distance just in case the wounded animal decided to strike.
Ep. 15_Sc. 02_05

“So what’s wrong with you?” he asked matter-of-factly determined not to be lulled into a false sense of safety in spite of her weakened condition. She remained silent and began hurriedly wiping at her tear stained face. “Look, either tell me what the problem is or suck it up. Nico will probably be back soon and I don’t feel like holding the bag for all this balling you’re doing.”
Ep. 15_Sc. 02_06

“Don’t worry about it. He doesn’t care anyway,” she said between sniffs, “he’s got someone else’s feelings to worry about.” Rider shot her a confused look. “What are you talking about? Does he have some new girlfriend you don’t like or something? Why are you crying about that, you know he doesn’t keep those broads around long.”
Ep. 15_Sc. 02_07

“She’s not some broad,” Bianca spat, a defensive edge to her voice. “She’s my mother and she’s the one who doesn’t like me, I guess.” The thought brought more tears to her eyes and she batted them rapidly to keep them for falling. Once again Rider’s expression was clouded with confusion. “Your mother? I didn’t…you never said…well who is she?”
Ep. 15_Sc. 02_08

“It doesn’t matter. She doesn’t want me, she only wants him and he doesn’t care. I can’t believe he doesn’t even care. How can he not care?” she said looking up at him as if he had the answer. Rider stared back at her, the look in her eyes making him desperately uncomfortable, eliciting a strange sensation, a burning ache in his chest that he’d never felt before. She turned away from him as another stream of tears began to fall and instead of obeying the voice in his head telling him to get up and walk away, he found himself reaching his arm around her and pulling her closer to him.
Ep. 15_Sc. 02_09
Ep. 15_Sc. 02_10

“Hey, don’t cry. You know Nico loves you. Why else would he bother the hell out of me to look after you? He wouldn’t do that if he didn’t care. There has to be another reason, but if she really doesn’t want you than fuck her. You don’t need her anyway. I never knew my parents and I’m just fine.” He peered down, watching in awe as she buried her face deeper into his chest, her sobbing becoming more intense. Clearly whatever he had just said had been the wrong thing.
Ep. 15_Sc. 02_11

As he moved to put his other arm around her he caught a reflection of the two of them in the pool and the reality of what he was doing hit him. He was crossing a boundary that was way past his comfort level and the ramifications of his physical proximity to Nico’s daughter were not ones he wanted to explore. Abruptly he slid his arm from around her and casually patted her on the shoulder before scooting a few inches away.
Ep. 15_Sc. 02_12

Bianca had been so lost in her emotions that his sudden movement startled her. She looked up at him again dismayed to find the look of concern he wore before had been replaced by something that bordered on annoyance. She was even more disturbed when she realized that she was still clinging onto his shirt. She let it go, straightened up and began the business of fixing her face again.
Ep. 15_Sc. 02_13
Ep. 15_Sc. 02_14

“Sorry,” she said as she got to her feet and began walking back to the house. “Don’t worry about,” he called after her. He watched her disappear into the darkness of the house before reaching in his pocket and grabbing another cigarette. He needed something to take the edge off of his frayed nerves. He lit it and took a long slow drag. He felt bad for the kid, but whatever was going on between her and her father was going to stay between them. No matter what it was that had happened to him a few moments before, he was determined not to get involved again.


  1. The way you used the pool in this piece was brilliant, a reflection of the truth, a mirror that seems to soften reality when you look at it. For a moment I thought maybe Issy had amnesia and forgot about Bianca and that everyone was tiptoeing around that truth but I think I am almost relieved that is not the case.

    Ultimately Nico must tell Bianca the truth and if he can confide in Issy that should make it easier to face.

    And then the other side of the coin, Bianca and Rider. I love the slow realization that he may have feelings for her, forbidden in his mind, but feelings nonetheless. They would actually be a cute couple.

    Every single shot was done to perfection. I love the feeling of night here. Wonderful, compelling writing that really pulls emotion out. As always a great update!

  2. Oh thank you Gayl. I knew both of these conversations needed to happen so I thought they might as well happen together. The reflection theme was something I just stumbled upon as I wrote it so I just ran with it. I'm glad it worked out.

    I'm also glad that I finally got the issue of Bianca's mother cleared up too. It's been way too long. And Rider is certainly feeling something, he doesn't know what just yet, but he doesn't like it.

    Thank you happy you liked it.

  3. I read this earlier today, but my internet crashed and I wasn't able to leave a comment! So here I am again...

    Wonderful, wonderful update..I'm glad Nico and Issy didn't argue as much as I had expected... I thought they will end walking away from each other without really talking or listening to what the other had to say...

    I do understand Issy, I would probably be just as upset as she was... knowing that he went after another girl just after she left... but in the other hand I can't blame Nico for what he did... it was just a "one night" thing, it meant nothing... for good or bad, it brought consequences, and what I loved about the whole situation is that he was man enough to face those consequences...
    He could have walk away from Bianca's mom and he didn't...

    I'm already thinking about Bianca's mother... if Nico thinks her death was his fault, it probably was... I think it has more to do with his 'business'... than him..
    but he probably is to blame (indirectly) for her death... of course Bianca is not old enough to understand that part... nobody really is old enough to understand our mother's death...

    Now Bianca and Rider... I some how knew that they would have some kind of feelings towards each other...
    I knew it was more than annoyance behind all the arguments and 'fights'...

    I can't wait to see what happens with those two...
    Rider might be smart enough to keep his distance... but our head not always agrees with our hearts... and I think he does care a whole lot for Bianca...

    I'm loving this... I really enjoy every part of this update....
    Wonderful, beautiful writing and amazing shots!!!

    Great job!!

  4. Well, Bianca does look like Isabella...
    Poor girl! Thinking her father cares more about Isabella's feeling has to be heartbreaking!

    I hope she gets the answers shes looking for... and can handle it!

  5. I am totally stunned. Nico has a whole different well THING. Issy doesn't know. Bianca has been desperate for the truth and completely thrown off. (I kept thinking it was impossible that Issy had a daughter and didn't remember her or just was ignoring her.)

    Bianca and Rider are circling and circling and coming closer and closer. Rider is not the greatest guy in the world. Someone else who is riding coattails he should cut.

    Bianca is probably the one with the most to lose.

    And the color, the way you stick with the dark blue, the water, I agree with Gayl. The way you see color is absolutely unique and brilliant.

    Every single time I read what you write, I am overwhelmed and in love with it all over again.

  6. S@ndy this very well could've ended with Issy and Nico giving up, but they love each other too much to do that, at least without a fight.

    Nico's role in Bianca's mother's death is indirect, but he doesn't see it that way and he's fearing that she won't either. Guilt is a hard thing to carry around and he's been doing it so long that its a part of him now.

    There is definately something going on there with Rider and Bianca but I don't know if he's even thinking about his heart at this point. All he knows is that he felt something new and strange. It will definately be interesting to see what develops.

    As always thank you for the compliments and for reading.

  7. Hi Qui. Bianca does look like Issy, which is the main reason that she believed the rumors, plus, as we see now, the timing was just about perfect. Can Bianca handle the truth? That is the perfect question. At this point even I don't know if she can. She's strong but she's still just a kid. I certainly hope she can.

    Thank you.

  8. Hi Beth. Nico does have a lot of secrets doesn't he and I'm glad you know Issy well enough to know that she would never deny her child if she had one. Just a case of rumors and circumstance which had completely confused poor Bianca. And you're right, she does have the most to lose. Starting with any respect she still has for her father.

    However, with what seems to be happening between her and Rider, she might have something to gain, like a real friend who is there for her. At least that's what I'm hoping.

    Thank you, thank you so much. Your opinion and support means a lot to me.

  9. Call me Latey Mclaters(or something like that!). I'm slowing getting back to my reading list! Blah!

    So Nico had a fling and got a chick knocked up? How crazy is it that I'm happy that Bianca isn't Issy's? Just for the simple fact that if she was that meant Issy abandoned her! Glad that Nico finally told someone the truth though. Even if I feel it should have been his daughter! :(

    I love, LOVE your shots in this one! Well, I always love your shots. And like Gayl and Beth I love your use of the pool. Awesome.

    Interesting spark between Rider and Bianca. Interesting indeed! Although she is jailbait...

  10. LOL. Phoenix, jailbait is right, probably another good reason Rider wants to steer clear of Bianca. And no, Issy couldn't abandon her child no matter what the circumstances. Unfortunately Nico is letting her believe that is the case by not telling her the truth. She is the one who really needs to know it more than anyone else.

    Thank you so much for the compliments. At one point I thought it would be too much blue with the night sky and pool but I'm glad it worked.

  11. Astounding depths of emotion, and I really love that in a story. The lighting through the whole piece was dark, mysterious, really set the mood.
    I feel for Bianca, she reacted in that over the top teenage way. And you can't really blame her.
    Issy and Nico's relationship has so many interesting layers, love their scenes!
    Great update~

  12. Hmmm. The sooner Nico tells Bianca the truth--the whole truth--the better. I can understand his not wanting to talk about it, but it's festering and it's ruining his relationship with his daughter and possibly with his girlfriend as well.

    Meanwhile, I hope Isabella and Bianca can somehow get along whenever they actually meet. If nobody sets Bianca straight in regards to her maternity, things will be veeeery awkward :S

  13. Hi Dinuriel. The sooner the better is right. He's crossed a line that no parent should and that is blatently betraying his child's trust for his own comfort. He may reason that it was all to protect her, but a lie is a lie even if by ommission only.

    And if he and Issy make it much further the reality of Nico's daughter is probably going to be a lot tougher to handle than the idea of her. I don't know that Bianca would even try to make it easier at this point considering how her father has handled things.

    We'll see though. Thanks.

  14. Thank you so much Drew. I was inspired by the blue light of the dark and the blue of the pools so I went with it, happy that it came across well.

    This situation is clearly a mess and up until Nico and Issy decided to stop burrying thier heads in the sand, Bianca is actually the only one acting sane about it. Imagine her wanting to know who her mother is. Baffling isn't it *sarcasm*. I think Nico will tell her the truth soon though.

    Thank you so much.

  15. Well I'm all caught up after flying through the last 3 chapters. All I can say is OMFG!!! and not in the cheap gossip girl way either.

    Bianca!!! She did it. She pushed her way to the truth and while it hurt im so glad she did. Now that she has something to hold onto (even though its not the truth) she can press further. Which of course she will cause she's determined like that. I'm excited to see how she handles this. Lord knows Nico's dumb ass is going to act as if that whole thing never happened. It drives me insane when people avoid things. He's held onto that secret long enough. Time to fess up. Assuming his stupid actions business wise dont get him killed first since he's been neglecting everything for Issy.

    And yay Issy for not folding and forcing him to confront his past and dirty laundry. If she hadnt had said he had to and just let him sweep it back under the rug I feel so positive he would have just acted like it never happened for another 15 years. Props Issy.

    And Rider. To cute. Love him. I wish he wasnt such a dick though. You can be a good listener without touching someone. Or without ruining a moment by pulling away. Guys can be sooo stupid when they get wrapped up in their image and how masculine a situation may or may not be.

    I'm definetly most excited to see Bianca vs Nico round 2. I hope thats a long chapter just to get it all out :D

    O! And Ivy. I honestly cant say I blame her for doing whatever she does to get even with Nico. That dude was totally right when he said she got used. You could say thats karma for what she did to that guy but for whatever reason im team Ivy...for now. Probably cause Nico pisses me off. I want him to get his. But only after Bianca rips him a new asshole and finds out the truth lol

  16. Hey Sinclair. Bianca and Nico round 2 is definately going to be something. He may not like it but he is at the end of the line. He has to face the music and tell Bianca the truth. And she is a lot like him so he may have reason to be worried.

    I'm proud of Issy too for making him deal with it, there are only so many hot and steamy nights you can have before real problems get in the way of romance.

    Rider is just being a guy and they can be silly. He's never been in that position and doesn't like how it made him feel. I think he's just trying to figure things out.

    And as for Ivy, she certainly has an axe to grind but there is still a soft spot for Nico in there somewhere.

    I'm glad you're all caught up and as always, thank you for reading.

  17. Finally got caught up on this story (this is bolob from LJ btw) This story is really intense. many stories going on for each of these parties and there's some things I can comprehend, but others I can't completely, but I'm sure in the chapters to come, they'll become clearer. But once again, this story is incredible and I love the detail you've taken with it.

  18. Wow, Jean! Thank you so much! I do have a lot of balls in the air for these characters don't I? I think I was juggling too many at this point in the story and I have been trying to tie things up in the later episodes. I hope that comes through when you read them. This episode is a turning point for a lot of the characters, so I'm excited to see what you think of the other episodes after this one. THANK YOU so much for reading :)