Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crossing Paths Pt. 2

Chanel Boutique - Palisades Ave., Downtown Las Vistas

Ep. 19_Sc._01_01
Ep. 19_Sc._01_02

Blake shifted his weight on the hard seat of his chair, so that the left side of his butt wouldn’t fall asleep again and stretched his legs out, fighting for space with the pile of shopping bags at his feet. He pulled out his phone to check his emails; nothing since he had looked ten minutes ago. How long could it take to find one damn dress, he thought to himself. He had left to grab something to eat 30 minutes ago and she still wasn’t finished. It was already quarter to five and he had to pick up Rachel at seven. She was going have to hurry up or he would have to cut this short, an option he didn’t like given that he had yet to be properly rewarded for his patience.

Ep. 19_Sc._01_03

“Jamie, baby, are you almost ready?” he called out, trying to mask his irritation. “Yeah, I think this is the one, come tell me what you think.” Rolling his eyes, he made a quick sweep of the store, making sure none of the sales girls would see him slip through the archway of the dressing room and made his way to where she was. His jaw almost hit the floor when she pulled back the curtain.
Ep. 19_Sc._01_04

“Yes, gorgeous I think that is the one,” he said gripping his hands around her waist and then sliding them further down. He tugged at the thigh high hem and let the tight fabric snap back against her skin before burying his face in her neck and tugging at the zipper. “Blake stop,” she giggled as she slipped from his grasp. He entered into the cubicle and pulled the curtain closed and pulled her into passionate kiss. This time she didn’t resist, and flashed him a coy smile. Maybe he would get his reward after all.
Ep. 19_Sc._01_05

Without another thought about where they were or who might hear them, he continued his pursuit of her, nibbling on her earlobe and hiking the dress up above her hips. Her body compiled with his every touch, just as he knew she would. This is was the game he was good at; persistence breaking down hesitation, pursuit leading to a capture and no matter what happened after this, he would be the winner. Gain everything and lose nothing. It was the only way to play.
Ep. 19_Sc._01_06

“Excuse me,” a high pitched voice said from the other side of the curtain. “Only one person is allowed in a dressing room at a time. And that person shouldn’t be a man.” They had been caught, a thought that made Blake even more excited, but he composed himself, gently moved Jamie’s hands off of the waistband of his pants, and zipped them back up while she pulled down her dress. Pulling the curtain open he flashed a smile at the saleswoman. “It’s a shame you have such strict rules, otherwise I could’ve asked you to join us.” He couldn’t help but laugh at the disgusted expression on her face as he walked past her and out of the dressing area. He pulled out his phone again. He would have to push his date with Rachel back a few hours; there was no way he was going to leave this business unfinished.
Ep. 19_Sc._01_07

“Will that be all for you today Ms. Monacco?” The saleswoman’s words stopped Blake mid-dial and he gripped the phone tightly so as not to drop it. Without thinking he whipped his head in the direction the voice had come from. Sure enough, without warning, there she was. His eyes raked up the length of her body taking in every inch from her painfully high stilettos all the way up to her face and into her deep blue eyes. Everything he remembered and everything he had tried so hard to forget.
Ep. 19_Sc._01_08

He pulled his eyes off of her and looked back down at the phone he was nearly crushing with his hand. It had been several weeks since he had decided to give up the foolish game of cat and mouse he’d been playing with her and get back to his old self and he honestly thought he had been successful. He was out at the club every night, sleeping with a different girl or two every night; no strings and no regrets. She had been out of sight and out of mind which had allowed him to believe that whatever feelings he had for her had passed. But as he reluctantly moved his head back in her direction, his eyes betraying him as well, the tight feeling in his chest at the sight of her confirmed it; if he ever thought she was out of his system, he was dead wrong.
Ep. 19_Sc._01_09

Just then he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around to see Jamie dressed with her shopping bags in toe. “Blake, I said I’m ready to go. Didn’t you hear me?” He hadn’t, and shook his head accordingly before taking a few bags from her. “I know you said you’ve got plans later but I thought you could cancel them and we could go back to your place,” she said seductively stroking his arm. “No. Not tonight baby. There’s a problem I need to take care of.”


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Ep. 19_Sc. 02_02
Ep. 19_Sc. 02_03

“Damn it,” Isabella muttered to herself as she checked her cell phone again. No missed calls or voicemails. Her trip to Nico’s garage had left her with nothing more than a few one word answers from the service manager and ogling stares from the other mechanics and as time continued to crawl by she was beginning to worry more about his physical well being than his emotional state. There was only one person that she knew of who might be able eliminate one of the many disturbing possibilities floating around in her head.
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Ep. 19_Sc. 02_05

She gripped her phone again and began to scroll through her contacts for Reese’s work number. She began walking down the block toward where her car was parked as the phone rang; once again she was greeted by a recorded message that she hung up on abruptly. Maybe Eden knew where he was. Just as she was about to dial her number, movement in her peripheral vision caught her eye.
Ep. 19_Sc. 02_06

She looked up, squinted her eyes a bit to focus, focused hard. A man walking down the street, something very familiar about him; was that Cyrus? It couldn’t be. Eden had said that he was still out of town. But still, it looked very much like him, the hair, body build, and skin tone. Just as she was about to call his name her phone rang. “Eden, I was just about to call you,” she said as she looked back up to catch another glimpse of the man on the street. He was gone.


Abandoned Loft - Phoenix Heights, Downtown Las Vistas

Ep. 19_Sc. 03_01
Ep. 19_Sc. 03_02

“I’m in the middle of something Eden, can this wait?” The wheels in Reese’ head were turning as he glanced down at the body at his feet. Lorenzo St. James, one of the city’s most wanted drug traffickers was laying there dead and he was hot on the trail of the killer; his sister had horrible timing. “This will just take a minute. I just got off the phone with Issy. She hasn’t heard from Nico in a few days and she’s worried about him. She wanted me to check with you to see if you…knew anything, if you know what I mean.”
Ep. 19_Sc. 03_03

Did he know anything? A flash of anger surged through him. Issy still didn’t get it. The very fact that she had to ask him, a cop, about where her so-called boyfriend was should’ve told her to run fast and far away; but it didn’t. She was still holding on, desperate to make wine out of sewer water. He looked back at the body and then at a plastic bag he was crushing with his hand. He held it up to the light, studied its contents again. A small matchbook with the imprint: DeSantos Bros. Auto Body stared back at him; an incriminating identifier that might be the beginning of the end of a few things in Nico’s world. “Reese are you there?” Eden asked when he didn’t immediately answer. “I’m here. You can tell her that I don’t know where he is now, but I have a damn good idea about where he’s been.”


  1. My jaw about dropped at these shots! They are amazing!

    Loved the dressing room scene, well written and spot on with Blake's impatience. You could see and feel his irritation at having to shop.

    I'm not sure how I feel about Issy here. Mostly I feel so bad because she is worried and irritated over not being able to reach Nico. I have to say I am rooting for them despite the fact there are so many secrets between them, things unsaid.

    And that said, obviously someone is setting Nico up for that murder (Cross perhaps?) but either way, it looks very very bad.

    Wonderfully done, I am so in awe of your ability to translate the text into stunning shots.

  2. Wow! Gayl thank you very much. Some of these shots were a pain to get but I'm glad they turned out well.

    I don't think Issy knows how to feel about herself at this point, but fear causes people to do strange things. All she really wants is answers, she's not even thinking about the fallout of those answers. She wants to make sure Nico's not dead or hurt or in jail. Her belief is that if she just holds on things will work out right. We'll see if she's right.

    If Nico was set up for this murder the person who's framing him carried out what he really wanted to do anyway. Lorenzo was in his way, holding up money, and Nico was pissed off so he could've certainly killed him under those circumstances. Again..we'll have to wait and see.

    Thank you again.

  3. I second that! Not only are these shots beautiful but I too am hoping for the best between Nico and Issy.

    The cycle of seeing someone unexpected has me on edge! I can't wait to see what happens! Especially when both Issy and this murder catches up with Nico!

    I hope he really didn't do it!

    Your sets are so amazing!!

  4. wow...speechless with awe. Your sets and shots are just beyond belief awesome!!! OMFG!!!



    You know, Nico had better be dead or in a ditch or a dumpster. There is nothing worse than not knowing, and he has to know what his absence is doing to Isabella. It is tearing her up. I can't imagine her running all over the place looking for a man under any kind of normal circumstances. My heart just breaks for her: it is the worst pain, compounded by that nasty thought that nothing is wrong with Nico.

    If Nico didn't commit the murder, it's not because he's incapable of doing something like that. I like the man, I really do, but I don't think he's going to be any good for any woman.

    Incredible, incredible.

  5. Thanks Qui! I'm happy that you like the sets because I actually made the one for Isabella's scene. First time I ever made something I was remotely proud of in this game. The other two were premade but they are really great, when I can get them to work in my game.

    One would hope that if Nico did commit this murder he wouldn't be sloppy enough to leave that kind of evidence behind, but we'll see. But things are catching up with him fast and he might hope that the police get to him before Isabella does as pissed off as she is with him. Ony time will tell.

  6. Beth, thank you so much. I think I worked on that set in Isabella's scene longer than any of these shots so I'm glad both turned out well.

    You're right, normally Isabella is not the kind of woman to hunt high and low for her man, but Nico, of course, is different. He's her first love and there is a big part of her that feels like she gave up too soon on what they had when she was younger. She's not going to do that again in any way. But she is pissed off because she think that he's probably okay and just pouting in a corner somewhere.

    Nico is a complicated man capable of loving and killing and easily seperating the two as if one has no effect on the other. That more than anything makes him very hard for anyone to be with.

  7. I'm all caught up and I have to echo everyone's words; stunning shots.

    I'm dying to know if it really was Cyrus, and if it was, why was he where he clearly shouldn't be?

    And damn, Nico had better make contact with Issy fast, his disappearance is driving her nuts. But now with this development in Reese's murder case, it doesn't look too good for him. For Issy's sake I hope Nico's hands are clean in this one.

  8. Hi Valpre. Thank you so much about the shots. I wish I could do more with them, but I'm glad you like them. You are the first person to mention Cyrus and it would be very interesting to know why he's misrepresenting his whereabouts...if that is really him that Issy saw.

    Even if Nico isn't responsible for this murder, his hands are far from clean. Every hour that goes by without him contacting Isabella makes things messier for the two of them. At the very least he would've had an alibi if he had been with her. Men can do some foolish things and unfortunately Nico is no exeception.

  9. OK not as if I need one more piece of CC but where did you find Jamie's dress? I love it!

  10. Just read all the chapters thus far and OH MY SIM GODDESS I'm hooked!!! Can't wait for more!!!

  11. Gayl I send you the dress via email, but the site I got it from is here:

    Great designer clothes for sims.

  12. Wow mdpthatsme, thank you so much for taking the time to read all of that, especially those early chapters that just go on and on. I'm glad you like it and trust me, there is much more on the way :)

  13. oooohhhhh

    I really do hope Nico has a very good alibi!! or he will be in great trouble! Things do not look good for him at all!!!

    That does look like Cyrus!! I am 99.99999% that it is Cyrus, I hope he has a good explanation for lying to his wife!

    things are getting better and better!!!