Monday, December 27, 2010

Friends & Enemies

Fountain Park - Downtown Las Vistas
Ep. 20_Sc. 01_01
Ep. 20_Sc. 01_02
“Have you finally gotten what I've been asking for?” Thad spoke, continuing to look straight ahead as if he didn't know the man sitting next to him. “Yes. Her house is too secluded and the neighborhood is gated. I had to wait for her to go to him.”

Ep. 20_Sc. 01_03
The man pulled an envelope from his pocket and tossed it onto the empty space on the bench beside him. Thad discreetly scooped it up and began thumbing through the pictures. “And she finally did, just like I knew she would. When it comes to the opposite sex, she's a junkie just like her father. Stupid spoiled bitch.”
Ep. 20_Sc. 01_04

“There seemed to more there than just that,” the man said in a matter-of-fact tone, looking away from Thad who turned his head to look at him this time. “And you had a whole lot of fucking time to examine that didn't you? You insisted on playing things safe, respecting privacy, decency--”

“The law, maybe?” the man said, emotionless, looking straight ahead again. “Whatever you want to call it, there should be nothing illegal about taking pictures of people when they do things outside of the confines of their home, I don't care if it is on their patio. If she really didn't want anyone see it she would've kept it inside.”
Ep. 20_Sc. 01_05

“It is what it is. You got what you wanted and now I'm out of it. I expect my money first thing in the morning, Thad; no later.” Thaddeus gave him a silent nod and with that the man stood from the bench and disappeared as quickly as he had come.
Ep. 20_Sc. 01_06

“Well, no time like the present,” he said as he stuffed the envelope into his jacket pocket and pulled out his cell phone. “Pam, connect me with Mr. Van Cleef at the Department of Justice, right now.”


Guttierrez Residence - Vista Glen

Ep. 20_Sc. 02_01

“So that’s all that Reese said? He hasn’t seen him but he thinks he knows where he’s been? Did he say what even that means?” Isabella stood with her arms crossed, holding herself in place, trying not to start pacing again; trying to stop thinking about the fact that she just saw her best friend’s husband in town when he wasn’t supposed to be; trying figure out if she should tell her; trying to stop feeling selfish for asking about the man that she loves when her friend should be keeping an eye on her own. Most of all she was desperately trying to hold off the anxious feeling that was churning in her stomach, threatening to drive her crazy. If Reese thought he knew were Nico had been that meant he wasn’t in jail or dead, yet, but it didn’t mean that he wasn’t in trouble. It also didn’t mean that he was. She was getting ahead of herself. She had to hold it together especially in front of Zoe.
Ep. 20_Sc. 02_02

Eden put her daughter down on the floor with a toy to occupy her and looked at her friend with calm reassurance. “I think it means that Nico or one of his, uh, people, may have rubbed Reese the wrong way today, but nothing major. He would’ve told me if he was in jail or something like that. He keeps up with him, you know; almost looks after him in a way. As much as they pretend to hate each other, Reese still cares what happens to him. They were best friends and that doesn’t just dissolve completely.”
Ep. 20_Sc. 02_03

Isabella unclenched her arms from around her body and let out a sigh, doing her best to return the smile that her friend was giving her. That was the thing about Eden, she always found a way to make things feel like they were going to be okay, eventually. “I’m sorry. I feel like a teenager asking you to ask your brother if his friend still likes me. This is ridiculous. He’s going to call me. I know he’s going to call me.”
Ep. 20_Sc. 02_04

“That’s exactly what we used to tell you in high school,” Eden said, looking at Isabella pensively and she stared right back. That look, one that they had shared several times, where no words were ever exchanged but the same thing was always communicated and left to drift off into the silence until another subject came up. They both knew that the “we” Eden referenced went beyond just the two of them, but they never spoke about their thrid, as if she was the outcast member of a singing group that hadn’t been replaced and was seldom mentioned in interviews. This time, however, Isabella decided that she was finally ready to buck that tradition.
Ep. 20_Sc. 02_05

“You can say her name Eden. It’s okay.”

“Is it really? You haven’t said it yet. Not once in all the time you’ve been back. That’s the only reason I haven’t.”

“I know.”

“Is is it still that hard to think about her?

“Yes.” Isabella said the one word answer as if it was an answer, as if it explained everything she had felt about Sloane. It wasn’t an answer and it was as quick and vague as the demise of their relationship.
Ep. 20_Sc. 02_06

She had pushed the memories so far away, that at times, she managed to forget that they lived in the same city, especially since, up to this point, they had never run into each other. It was almost as if the woman didn’t exist and until this moment she was a ghost that Isabella had stopped worrying about encountering. So why was it still so hard to think about her? She decided not to leave Eden hanging; to at least start trying to peel back the layers of questions and pain and loss that she had compartmentalized and left for dead.
Ep. 20_Sc. 02_07

“When I first came back, you were the only person I wanted to see because I missed you and at least I knew you wouldn’t hate me. I was afraid to see Nico, but it was different with him. He didn’t know what happened. I was just gone one day and I never tried to contact him again. There were things I had to explain to him, I had to let him know how I felt, how much I loved him. With Sloane its completely the opposite. I’m the one that doesn’t know what happened. One day she just hated me, for no reason. She kept saying that I should know what I had done, but I didn’t and I still don’t, and all of this happened when my mother died. The one time in my life when I needed her the most she wasn’t there and the things she was saying just made everything worse. In one day I lost my mother and my best friend. I lost someone who was like a sister to me. I lost everything all at once. Its a piece of the past that’s still broken and thinking about it just....hurts.”
Ep. 20_Sc. 02_08

Eden’s put a hand on her shoulder. “I know what you mean, I lost two sisters that day.” Isabella gripped Eden’s hand, giving her a sad smile of acknowledgement. She had forgotten that she wasn’t the only one whose world had been altered. She began to speak but Eden smiled back and shook her head. “Its okay. I’m glad I’ve gotten one of you back.”


Author's Note: There was actually a very short (one pic) third scene where Nico finally reaches out to Issy that was supposed to go with this update, but my stupid game crashed just as I was about to take the shot. Needless to say I wasn't loading the game again for one shot that didn't have any real writing to go with it. Instead I've opted to post this link of their Twitter conversation that will be somewhat important for next episode.


  1. It was great to see this update! I stopped working on Still Caught Up to read this :D

    What a sticky situation! I can understand how Issy is probably feeling. When it comes to friends and their other half, you can either tell them and risk breaking their heart or not tell them and risk having your friendship damaged over it!

    The twitter convo made me smile...such a softy today!

  2. Thank you Qui! I think Issy is seeing the situation just like you described. She just got Eden back as a friend and saying something about seeing Cyrus (and she isn't completely certain it was him) would definately jepordize that. Right now she just wants to know where her man is and I hate to say that she's probably not going to too happy when she finds out what's been going on.

    Thank you so much, now get back to writing that great story of yours.

  3. Firstly, awesome story. I've just spent a very grey and windy afternoon reading from beginning to end and have loved every second of it. Your characters are wonderfully three-dimensional, with additional little snippets of their personalities revealed each time they speak. Then there is the mystery - the serial killer, the feeling Issy gets when she sees Cyrus, Sloane's problem with Issy (which we learned a little more about in this chapter) and so much more.

    I will definitely be back for more.

  4. oh wow.

    What on earth is going on in the first scene? Obviously Thad got some photos of Issy with Nico. Yeah making an assumption but it's the one I'm making! Why would DoJ be interested in them? Because he's hiding somewhere and maybe they'll pressure Issy to tell them where he is? What a cliff hanger!

    I absolutely understand Issy's reluctance to tell Eden she saw Cyrus in a situation that might worry her friend. That's tricky. Eden might really be angry with her for holding back, but she isn't sure what she saw, so why worry Eden over nothing?

    The way you described what happened with Sloane was wrenching. It's awful to lose a friend, and right at the time she lost her mother, and not to ever know why Sloane was angry with her.

    I could feel Issy's anxiety over Nico. And I LOVE the twitter detail! How cool is that!

    Your DT is phenomenal. I'm sitting here studying every single detail...

    Wonderful, wonderful writing and gorgeous shots! It was a fabulous gift to us!

  5. Illandrya THANK YOU so much!! That is the best compliment anyone could give me. And big points to you for plowing through all of the chapters (I know I got a little long winded in places).

    It took me a while to get on the right path with this story and now all of the little mysteries are begining to come to a head, especially with Cyrus. Whatever he has going on won't be a secret for much longer. I am so happy that you like this story and thank you so much for reading :)

  6. Beth, your assumption is correct. Thad does have some compromising pics of Nico and Issy and he's planning to use them for to bring her down. The DOJ...well lets just say that the implications of those photos would be interesting to them for very good reasons.

    Issy is having some serious friend issues right now. She's not telling Eden anything that she can't confirm and she can't confirm that Cyrus is who she actually saw, but she's keeping her eyes open where he is concerned (she's never gotten a good vibe from him anyway).

    Sloane is a big ? for her. In her heart she really wants to see if they could be friends, but she'd have to see her first and Sloane has made sure that doesn't happen. But they will run into each other very, very soon.

    Thank you so much for compliments about this update and about my DT. I'm thinking of posting some more shots some time soon.

  7. First off, I was thrilled to see an update from you!

    Now on to the story...Thad was the one involved in Issy's company right? I'm wondering if he intends to use those photos to push her out although I haven't quite made the DoJ connection yet. Although since Nico is a criminal that could make her look equally guilty wouldn't it?

    I adored the scene with Eden. It said so much about their relationship as well as open up so many more questions about Sloane. It's funny how something can happen between people and the injured party just expects you to know what it was you did...

    I love that Reese "looks out for" Nico...

    I had stumbled on Nico and Issy's tweets the other day and I adore them...that is such a great idea!

    Gorgeous shots as always!!

  8. Gayl! You are correct, Thad was the one invovled with Issy's company and the one she fired. He is out to get her and those pictures are going to be his solution. And you are going in the right direction with the DOJ thing, Nico's crimial behavior has a lot to do with it.

    I love it when Issy and Eden get together. She's so open and vulnerable with Eden and Eden is such a great friend to her. Sloane was too at one time and Issy will be dealing with her and what happened between them very soon.

    Much like Issy and Sloane, Reese and Nico were more like family than friends, but there is one very blonde and very beautiful reason why they "hate" each other. Aside from that, they really do still care.

    Thank you, I always love getting your comments.

  9. pics of Issy and Nico? that's not good! that's freaking low! Just a coward would play that dirty!!

    I wonder if Issy would have believe in Sloane if she had told her what her father did to her?

    It is said they just walked away from each other, or Sloane walked away without saying anything, it was such a horrible time for Issy, I can only imagine how she felt, losing her mother and one of her best friends... so sad...

    Beautiful chapter, really intriguing!!